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In PEI each year if you own a car you have to renew your Licence plate sticker and have your car inspected for safety another sticker. It happens on your birthday so it is up to you to remember to renew, no one is going to call you about it.

The Licence plate sticker is $100. it is done online and takes about 1 minute to do. The safety inspection is done by appointment to your dealership or any accredited garage and cost $45. However often the inspection has a surprise to it. The garage or dealership may say suddenly, you need new brakes or you need 4 new tires or you need this and that fixed. There is no way out of this one, if you say no, you do not get your sticker showing you pass the safety inspection and your car insurance is cancelled. No appeal. So you do what you are told. I do not like the system in PEI because it is really useless, every year? Could it not be every 3 years. True you do not see old cars or jalopy cars on the road, but we do get the no muffler models cars, trucks and motorcycles which baffles me because it is illegal.

Have you seen on YouTube the numerous videos about abandoned mansions or palaces in Europe or abandoned cemeteries in the USA. I wonder if those places are truly abandoned or just closed up by owners over a period of years and people just break in and tell you it’s abandoned. The same for cemeteries which have big mausoleums where dozens of people are encased in wall niches, the stench alone would be enough to make me run away. One video was of a famous American family of the 19th century, very wealthy and they are all entombed in this mountain side mausoleum outside New York City. The family had to have the doors bolted shut and added steel bars to prevent anyone from entering. It is ghoulish and you have to wonder why anyone would want to film around such a place. Can’t people just rest in peace.

As for the mansions and chateaux here and there, some are in a state of advance ruin, others simply appear shut down for a few months. I did see in one video the keeper of the place come after the intruders with big guard dogs. If it says Keep Out, that is what it means. The people filming always say: would you not want to restore this place and live here? Really, do they have any idea what it would cost to renovate such places nowadays. Just the cost of maintaining large homes or chateaux is beyond most people’s budget. To do what with it, impress your friends?

It seems that on YouTube there are people making a career of developing a hobby of filming just about anything they believe could be of interest to a larger group. I would not call them influencers.

This week Prime Minister Trudeau is in Europe as is the Minister of Defense Anita Anand and the Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly. All 3 are on different missions but all of it is about Ukraine and NATO.

Here is the photo of the audience Prime Minister Trudeau at Windsor Castle meeting with Her Majesty this week. She has known him since he was 5 years old when his father Pierre Trudeau took him on his Official trips around the world. The Queen quite likes Justin and gave him a 45 minute audience. Most people get only 20 minutes.