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Yesterday was my birthday and it was a very good day. I got a card from friends, it said;

Birthdays are a great opportunity to pause, look around for all the good in your life.

This is true, I can honestly say I have had a very good life and have seen and done much, more than the average person. I am in a long term relationship, 43 years, a good home, two old but fun puppies. Live by the Sea and eat very good quality food. I also have good health with not health issues, except for what comes with being now a senior but that is minor. So yes I am grateful for it all and this is what birthdays should be about.

I remember that in Muslim countries, people do not necessarily celebrate birthdays, in some countries dates of birth are unimportant and not observed, an approximate date is good enough. In Asia, conception is considered as important or more so than the day of delivery, so when you are born you would be already 9 months old. So a birth date can be many things to various cultures.

So I had 2 cakes this year done by my friend Valerie R. who does this on order as a hobby. Her cakes are high pastry, wonderful and creative. Very good quality.

One is an orange flavour cake with white butter icing and caramelized orange slices.

The other is an Espresso Mocha cake. Both delicious.