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Well this weekend the 3 monotheistic religions are celebrating religious holidays. The Jews celebrate Passover with a Seder dinner, Christians it’s Easter (Old Passover) and Muslims are in the middle of the Month of Ramadan.

On Sunday morning we will go to Brunch at Slaymaker and Nichols a restaurant which is named after the circus that was in town when the Fathers of Confederation came to Charlottetown to discuss forming a federation now called Canada. Who knew go to the circus and you get a new country. The restaurant is in an old house which is located on the site of the Circus tent.

It is known for its innovative dishes and great cocktails. That should be our day outing. On Monday we are going to friends for lunch and I am making a casserole with French Ham thinly sliced and sliced potatoes in a white cream sauce gratinée. They live outside of town by the entrance into the harbour. It’s a very nice rural setting with lots of trees and greenery all around. They just bought a grand piano, both are concert pianist and music teachers.

Of course Friday everything was closed, being Good Friday, it was so quiet. I was able to get breakfast at my hotel in Halifax but then they were closing at 11:00am. The town was also very quiet, maybe some restaurant might be open. The same here, shops and every business was closed. So you learn to shop the day before. The weather has been warm and even the wind is warm. This means the idiots with small penises are out with their motorcycles and souped up cars.

We will have visitors this Summer coming to celebrate a Birthday and I am happy about that. We will have people coming to the cottage at the beach. So it is looking like a fun Summer.

Hope you all have a great Passover or Easter.