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The Old Clock Tower on Citadel Hill of 1803, a wood structure in the Palladian style, recently renovated.
On Hollis Street, old home used as an office.
The old Lions of NSCAD Univ.
The 1800 Palladian style Official Residence of the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, built by Governor Wentworth who had previously been Governor of New Hampshire, he fled at the revolution and was named as Lieutenant Governor of N.S. he was replaced by a professional soldier in 1808 when war with the USA threatened. To this day the Lieutenant Governor wears the Windsor Coat, official dress for any official ceremony. Once upon a time prior to 1970 in Canada, all officials of senior rank wore this uniform.

It was a 2 day trip to bring oriental carpets to be cleaned in the only store that does this in the maritime region. The business is owned by an Iranian family and are well known in Nova Scotia. I am very happy to have met them, they have a gorgeous store and their carpet selection is wonderful. We had a good talk about the cleaning etc and I could see they were knowledgeable. From what I could gather they fled Iran in 1979 at the revolution and came to Canada to establish themselves. They speak French, the way the educated do in Old Iran. I will be going back in 3 weeks to get my 6 carpets and will bring others that need a good cleaning. The process is very different from the modern synthetic carpets, Orientals must be treated the way a nice wool sweater would be treated, gently no harsh chemicals or big industrial machines. Most of my carpets come from Baluchistan, that region between Iran and Afghanistan.

Halifax is a big seaport, with ship building, a Royal Canadian Navel base, saw 4 war ships in dock, container port and marinas. The city itself is a mix of modern and heritage buildings. General, Sir Edward Cornwallis founded Halifax in 1749, he was at the time the military governor in Nova Scotia but had to contend with a large population of Catholic, French Speaking Acadians and Mi’k Maq natives who were loyal to the King of France.

There are lots of good restaurants and bars, things to see and visit, a beautiful area on the sea. Here are some photos of the city core, area

Many old building in the core of the city have been saved by incorporating the facade into a modern building. The street maintains its historical character.
The Legislative building of Nova Scotia, our own Legislative building mimics this one with its Georgian Style.

These two buildings currently house the Art gallery of Nova Scotia. The Teichert Gallery with the red banner has beautiful paintings you can rent to buy. It is located across the street from the Legislature.

The other visit I made was to IKEA, they do deliver items to PEI but I had not been in 3 years, so it was worth going to see what was on offer. The weather was good and had dinner with friends at LaFrasca, an Italian restaurant on Spring Garden Road.

The trip back to PEI appeared a lot faster and I was back at the Confederation Bridge in no time at all or so it appeared.