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The day started with a cold high wind and rain lashing at the house, afternoon it all cleared up and we had bright sunshine. A quiet day, we went to Slaymaker and Nichols for Brunch, the food was wonderful and the service great. The wait staff are older and know the business and very respectful none of that phoney friendliness just helpful. The bartender also solved a mystery for me, he made excellent Bloody Cesars and showed me how to use a small spray bottle full of vermouth to wet a martini glass before pouring the vodka. He also told me that all drinks are 2 ounces but not 3 ounces never, not allowed. So what I had been told at the Club was BS and I was not wrong about it when I was making martinis.


It is a great place for food and cocktails, opened 3 years ago by the same owner as the famous Blue Mussel in Rustico on the North Shore. Great food, good professional service and polite staff. We had their house made crab cakes topped with beautiful poached eggs done perfectly and a bearnaise sauce. Will had a specialty of the restaurant a cut of steak not found in North America usually, the Blue Picaha, Brazil’s favourite cut of steak, known as the rump cap or sirloin cap, with a poached egg. They get it from Mike the butcher on University street. Absolutely delicious, no one else in town offers it. This is what I like about the restaurant, they innovate and bring in dishes that are different. Also their dishes are gorgeous, all plates are different pattern but all very elegant, glassware of quality. The decor is also elegant and eclectic. In the Summer you can sit on the patio on the street, which is very quiet despite being just a block away from City Hall.

When we came home, I made the Holiday French Ham and Potato Casserole, it all went well except that I made one mistake, instead of adding 1/4 tea spoon of Cayenne pepper, I added 1 tea spoon, the result a dish with a bite, it is not unpleasant but it does have character. Other ingredients are 2 cups of heavy cream, sharp cheddar, thyme, nutmeg, black pepper and sprinkle of Worcestershire sauce. Well this dish is for Easter Monday’s Lunch at friends.