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Today is Easter Monday, in my previous post I told you about the ham and potato casserole I made and putting a tea spoon of cayenne and worrying about it, I rarely use that spice.

Well it was the main dish at lunch today and everyone had 2 helpings. It had at first a bite to it but overall it was good and tasty. Next time, yes there will be a next time, this is a very easy dish to make and good, I will only do 1/4 T.spoon. The casserole was served with a simple green salad.

The dessert was an old favourite of Will, he made an Apple cake, he says it is a Passover dish. It was very good and light. Beautiful day today, really a Spring day.

Sprinkled with almonds and powdered sugar.

This Thursday 21 April is the 96th Birthday of HM Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada. She was born in Mayfair in London, in a house at 17 Bruton Street. At the time her grandfather was King George V and her father was Duke of York. She was born in a house belonging to her Maternal Scottish grandparents the Earl and Countess of Strathmore, the parents of Her mother Elizabeth, Duchess of York. The house no longer exist, it was demolished by property developers in 1937. She was baptized Elizabeth, Alexandra, Mary, thus named after her paternal grandmother, Queen Alexandra and great grandmother Queen Mary.

Her father became King George VI in May 1936 at the abdication of his brother Edward VIII who married that woman, Mrs Simpson. Below the Canadian logo for the Queen’s Birthday on this Her 70th year of Accession to the Throne of Canada.