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Well our Summer plants are shaping up. We are going first to Les Iles de la Madeleine for a few days, then this Summer will go around the Island and on 21 August to the cottage at French River which is a place we love and will have some old friends from Ottawa visiting. I don’t think they have been here before and we are looking forward to their visit. They had visited us in Egypt back in 1990, seems like ions ago.

The weather is nice but like all Islands in the North Atlantic still with a cool wind.

My diet or I think I should say weight loss is going great and this gives me a lot of pleasure, this morning my nutritionist told be I look thinner and that there was a noticeable change from 6 weeks ago. I see it in the mirror and on the scale.

There is obvious benefits to eating more vegetables and fruits and limiting meat to 100 gr. fish and seafood with only lemon or some olive oil is also better, the big sauces are nice but in moderation. I am also grateful to my Mom who started us eating all manner of fruits and veggies at a young age and making up funny stories about them. I am not a picky or fussy eater and this has served me well in life. Mom also never prepared meals to please us, she prepared what she believed was good for us, she really favoured home made soups, she had recipes that came from the great grand-parents who lived into grand old age of their late nineties. Mom would say look at them and a sign of health, never mind the fact that my paternal great grand-mother smoke the pipe and was a shark at cards.

My brother in Florida is also following a diet now on his own, large salads and fish and he is also doing very well.

Today at the Health Food Store I found a ginger chew called Chimes, it is low on calories like 1 C. and my nutritionist said if you only have 2 a day you will be fine.

Tomorrow we are going to visit a friend of ours who lives East of Charlottetown, in Belle River which prior to 1755 was called Belle Rivière. We have not seen him since October 2019, looking forward to the visit. Another sunny day tomorrow which is very nice, it really feels like Summer now.

Belle River on the shore of the Abegweit Passage (formerly known as Northumberland Strait)