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So we will be visiting the Iles de la Madeleine this week which are part of the Province of Québec. We drive from Charlottetown, east to Souris (mouse), yes that is the name of the town. Where we will catch the ferry which will take us to the Iles, a 5 hour journey. The Islands are 2 sandbanks in the middle of the Gulf of St-Lawrence. There are no close land mass near them, Newfoundland is North East with the French Islands of St-Pierre Miquelon, North is the large Anticosti Island, over populated with deer and nothing else. The Gaspé Peninsula, PEI and Cape Breton are West and South.

The ferry which carries all motor vehicles makes 2 trips per day to the Mags as they are called in English. It also brings everything else to islands. Surprisingly beef is renown on the islands, who knew. They do have tons of seafood, this is a fishing community and has been for 500 years. There is not much to see there, beaches and fresh air, great restaurants and bars, opened only part of the year usually from late May to mid-September. In Winter Air Canada flies there but I can just imagine how the winds are wicked.

We recently saw a film about a wealthy family from Montréal who would come to the Mags every Summer and had a huge house, a beautiful movie entitled Au Revoir Le Bonheur, in French with English subtitles. Yes knowing French while visiting is important.

Here are photos of where we will be staying.

Photo of Havre Aubert, one of the settlements on the Islands.

Havre Aubert seen from the hill.

The Auberge is called Chez Denis a Francois which is interesting 17th Century French in this case Denis is the son of Francois. No family name existed for common folk, only the nobles had family names. The restaurant I am told is quite good. We are going to try 2 other restaurants in Cap aux Meules. However you must reserve well in advance. We were able to get a room but everything else on the Islands is booked now for the Summer.

The weather is suppose to be around 9C and 10C windy with some sun. As long as it does not rain, who cares.