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Learned today that Lauren Boebert, US Republican Politician and representative of 3rd District Colorado was a prostitute at one time and had 2 abortions. WOW!! The past is catching up with her it seems. Now she is anti-abortion and a gun advocate. Watch second episode of the Jan 06 enquiry, Trump is guilty as sin and should be prosecuted. He may plead insanity or I was taken away with the moment type of defence.

The good news in Canada today, is a bit of a funny story and oh so Canadian. For years there has been a dispute between Canada and Denmark over a tiny little rock of an Island, Hans Island way up on top of the planet where our borders meet. The dispute has to do with who owns it, Canada or Denmark. So our military and the Danish Military has been exchanging gifts of whiskey bottles for years and now the treaty has been signed and both countries will split the island in too, so Canada now has a land borders with Denmark. See map below, new land border between the 122 and 123 parallel.

Today I am also very happy to report that my weight is still going down having reached 80 Kg. or 176 Lbs. I am trying to reach 79 Kg as the first marker and then continue to my final weight of 74 kg or 163. lbs.

I had a bit of a scare this week, my old home scale started to malfunction giving me all kinds of crazy weight measurement from low to far too high. I bought a new scale but it was defective and I did not realize it until I visited the nutritionist who used his professional scale giving a correct weight, he could not believe that I would gain 25 or loose 30 pounds in 24 hours, it should have dawned on me. So I returned the defective scale and got another model and problem solved. Losing weight is a great feeling and gives you quite a boost. At least now all the beautiful clothes bought in Italy fit again.

The Palatine Hill in Rome and the ruins of the Aqueduct that brought water to the palaces.