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Yes P.A.S. stands for a Professional Attention Seeker. Actually we have two such professionals living with us for the last 13 years. They are very good at getting your attention, efficient, do get results, not necessarily to your liking, but that is not the point.

Since we often mention how good their lives are and they have to earn their living, so they tell us we are professionals at getting your attention 24/7 and that is true, so what else do you want.

Our two, you may have guessed are Nick and Nora, our little wirehair Dachshunds. Like all of their breed, they are stubborn, never forget and pig headed about what they want. Even when you think they forgot, no they have not, they are waiting for the right opportunity, knowing that humans are fickle and forgetful. They also tend to want to control situations no matter what, it is easier to just give in. They love their routine and know it by heart, if you forget, they will remind you, no worries. Funny how they never remember commands but remember all manner of other details in their routine. Food and treats are no.1 priority and so are petting and getting pampered.

That is a wirehair dachshund hunting wild boar in Germany. A normal dachshund was bred to hunt, the wirehair is a more intense version. In Italy they are also used for this activity, Nora who comes from a long line of hunting/ tracking dachshunds has all the genes and since birth has displayed those traits of character. If we had wanted to, the breeder in Capena, Tiziana Tola would have trained Nora and they start usually around 6 weeks old. The wire hair is very popular in most European countries, Poland, Hungary, Austria.

The German breeders who started the breed sometimes did not pass down how they did it. It took hundreds of years and many generations of breeders to come up with what we have today.

If you want a fearless, brave and determined hunting dog get a wirehair dachshund.

Having said this Nick is from a line of show dogs and though he too could be trained to hunt and he is very good at learning quickly what you want him to do, he is not as intense as Nora. In fact with Dachshunds the female is usually dominant.

We had a short hair Bundnie and a long hair Reesie, they are more family oriented and home bound. But remain attention seekers nonetheless, they are also very funny and clownish to get your attention.

  1. They can take whole day to pee, must find the right spot.
  2. They can be irritated if they do not get proper attention from you.
  3. They are very curious knowing everything that has been going around.
  4. They are very lively and playful.
  5. They can be a perfect watchdog if provided with the proper training.
  6. They can be your best friend.
  7. They will always be there to cheer you up if your mood is off.
  8. They can be there with you if you are sick.
  9. They love to sleep on your lap or in bed with you.