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This morning I was at the memorial service at the Basilica for a friend who went through the assisted suicide procedure. As I was listening to the Service and this dawns on me each time, the prayers and sayings for Catholics or Christians in general are the same as those for Muslim in Islam. The similarities are present, same commandments, same teachings. This is why I find it so strange when I hear people making derogatory remarks about Islam. Ignorance of the other.

I was looking at a little info video on the Bundesrat in Berlin, it’s an imposing building in the centre of the City. It was built for the Prussian House of Lords under the German Empire. It sits on the site of the former mansion of the Mendelssohn-Bartholdy family on Leipziger Strasse. It stood on this site until about 1900, when it was sold to make way for the Prussian House of Lords. This is the house were Felix lived and composed the Mid-Summer Nights Dream Music.

Bundesrat today is the seat of the 16 German Lander or Provinces. The building was severely damaged in 1944. Renovated and modernized it keeps only some decorative elements of its past. An interesting fact, in memory of Felix Mendelssohn at the opening of each session to call the delegates to the session, the overture to a Mid-Summer Nights Dream is played in the building.

Joe Rogan called Canada a Communist Country run by a dictator. How ignorant can anyone be. We do live in the age of ignorance, it has become a virtue. I do not really know who Joe is, but he has made a career of saying stupid things. Obviously he has no idea what a dictatorship is and Justin Trudeau does not fit that definition at all. As for Canada being a Communist country, well gee that is what I say to myself everyday, I am so happy to live in a police state just like North Korea. This explains all those American Communist sympathizers who come here to vacation or live.

Speaking of Prime Minister Trudeau, you know the dictator, this past weekend he had his haircut short and donated the trimmings to the Cancer society who make wigs for people who lost their hair to chemo treatment. He then went on to lead a Carnival of Children in Toronto as part of Caribbana (Caribbean) Festival held in the Summer. Then he went to a Summer Camp and answered questions on Quantum and other science stuff sitting on the ground amongst kids who would ask the questions. He is very good at this stuff and people love him for it.

His new haircut makes him look a lot like his famous father Pierre E. Trudeau who was Prime Minister 40 years ago.

The weather in Europe has been brutal and in the UK approaching 43C absolutely unheard of in England. The photo below taken at Buckingham Palace says it all, do you know how hot it is with the big fur hat and the red wool tunic to stand guard. No one actually lives there at the moment given the great renovation going on inside, electrical and plumbing not done in 90 years. I feel sorry for the grenadier guard.