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The next 3 days are forecasted to be sunny, we are now in September. New Season on the social calendar. The tourists have left and now its cruise ship season in Charlottetown, many tourists places will start to close for the Season and by Thanksgiving in early October most of it will be closed until May 2023.

Here at the Cottage I have returned to reading Tacitus who wrote some 2000 years ago about Rome and its Empire and the various people who populated it and its rulers. Tacitus did a lot of Ethnographic writing to explain to Romans what other people living outside the borders of the Empire or within it were like in terms of their culture, society, beliefs and food. How they dressed or not, Germans would go to war naked and paint their bodies as a talisman against injury of death. Feasting and hospitality was an important cultural value. Entertainment was dancing naked young men with swords drawn which required a lot of skill. Hunting and just lying about most of the time was common. Agriculture was not valued. People lived in forests and their gods in groves attended by Priests who also dispensed justice. Overall generosity and hospitality were the chief values. Tacitus wrote for the educated and powerful roman society, he himself came from a very well to do family and received the best of education. His father-in-Law was Gnaeus Julius Agricola, a commander of the roman Legions in Britain and then Governor of Roman Britain. Tacitus also occupied important functions in Rome and sat on the Imperial Council and knew Emperors like Vespasian, Trajan, Titus. His understanding of context and events have come to us and it is a great source of knowledge to understand how Rome was at the time, no Hollywood version here with Christian martyrs, Rome was a very cosmopolitan and complex society.

Life at the cottage is very quiet and pleasant, we enjoy it, with good food and good friends who are visiting us.

Another beautiful sunrise on the sea.

Making choke cherry jelly in our kitchen, our friend J. has great skills at this sort of thing.

Gladiolas in Season now, brought by a friend.

A restaurant we love to go to on the South West River near us.

North Rustico bay and the boardwalk, a nice quiet little town which dates back to 1740.

Lobster boat taking some visitors out to sea for a spin. North Rustico is mostly seafood restaurants like Blue Mussels and a fishing village famous for its lobster fleet.

The sunsets have dramatic display of clouds and golden colours.