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Today is our last day at the cottage and will return home tomorrow. It has been a great 2 weeks and the weather has been generally warm and sunny.

Cavendish National Park

Here are some nice photos the first one is the old Roman road known as the Via Flaminia which was in antiquity an highway into Rome proper and entering the City at Piazza del Popolo. The modern Via Flaminia is on top of the ancient road, and turns into a city streets once it crosses the Milvian Bridge.

Nice to see the old pavement and the quality of roman construction.

This photo shows the Museum Island in central Berlin and the park surrounded by a colonnade next to the Lutheran Cathedral of Berlin. A peaceful area of the city made for walking.
Here is another shot this time taken from the roof of the Imperial City Palace in Berlin known today as the Humboldt Forum. The Lutheran Cathedral was heavily damaged in 1944-45. It has been restored completely as it was before the war. The crypt is interesting to see, where the coffins of the members of the old Prussian Royal family are kept. The inside of the church also has the old balcony with pews for the Kaiser and his family came to worship and a special section for the diplomatic corps. The lantern of the dome is modern, the communist regime did not want to rebuild it as it was before the war.