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You know how sometimes you listen to some piece of music and you wonder what is it. You don’t know and you search.

The other day I was listening to the CBC radio Writers and Company with Eleanor Wachtel who has the most beautiful radio voice she was interviewing this award winning French author Hervé Le Tellier on his latest book. It was a fascinating interview on his life, his family and on his book. At the end of the interview they played this music and I thought I know this but could not name it. A few days later I found out it was Brahms Intermezzo op 117, no1, 2 and 3. Brahms composed the three Intermezzi of Opus 117 in the summer of 1892 while staying at the Spa town of Bad Ischl, Austria. A lovely area of Austria, it is close to Salzburg and the River Traun crosses the city.

If you listen to it at night before going to bed, it is very relaxing.