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This week Will cooked 60 sausage rolls. A good recipe where he will caramelize 2 big red onions and then incorporate them with sausage meat, using in this case Bangers. He also made some mince meat pies and I made more of my shortbreads pistachio, cranberry and orange zest.

The weather in the next 36 hours will be rain and sleet with high winds, no snow. Apparently the temperature will be well above average this Winter. I believe it, it’s not cold at all, but that is not good for colds

Found on YouTube a very nice concert given at the Frauen Kirche in Dresden for Advent. This wonderful 90 meter tall church in the German Baroque style was destroyed in February 1945 in the fire bombing of Dresden. It has been totally rebuilt and is spectacular. They hold regular Lutheran services, they also have concerts and recitals and most are on YouTube. The church has 4 organs and its own music school and choir.

We visited several times as it was being rebuilt. Dresden has in the last 25 years been reborn. The concert was on the 11 December with Diana Damrau (Soprano) Mauro Peter (Tenor) Nicole Chirka (Mezzo – Soprano) Martin-Jan Nijhof (Bass – Baritone) Marie Jacquot (Conductor) Staatskapelle Dresden and the choir of the FrauenKirche and the Opera House of Dresden. What is nice about such a concert it allows you to listen to Christmas music which is not the old standards and come from less heard composers. One is René Kollo, Christmas Peace or Gounod, Noel, Cesar Franck, sortie pour Noel.