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Friday was a good news day, could not think of better news really, our life is back to normal now.

Will and I, went to the Cancer Centre for a meeting with the Chief oncologist and the surgeon, there is also a third chief of the Chemo dept with whom we will speak this week.

Basically the news is that Will’s cancer is gone, the examination with the miniature camera they inserted through his nose showed on the screen in living colour, that the tumour had completely disappeared, the CT scan also showed that all was normal and so did the blood work. The news stunned us, we were expecting some good some bad, but not all good positive news. It took us some time to understand that the menace had passed, a long 8 months of dread was finally over. Will has to go back in 3 months for a check-up but that is a routine in such cases. We are so relieved. Now Will has to continue putting on weight and so far he is doing well. Hooray for us!

In other news, the Canada Games have started and the illumination done in the park behind us and in the port area is quite magical. Organizers and athletes are wearing green and white uniforms. Concerts every night in the cruise terminal. There is even a Canada Games flame. It all looks good.

Teepee tent in the park beside our home, a bit of cheating here since a teepee is usually made of

birch bark. It is lighted up at night with multicoloured lights all around in the park, quite beautiful.

A lighthouse, there are many around the site, again a symbol of PEI given our rugged coast line.

The Circle of the flame of the Canada games at Founder’s Hall

So far our Winter has been a YoYo winter, some days hot like a Spring day around 15C and some days sort of cold at 5C or Friday at -8C, very irregular and next to no snow on the ground. So much so that I like many thought we could not hold the games with such unpredictable weather. Yes it is again one of the warmest Winter weather to date and the Winters on PEI have been getting warmer each year.

This photo on Water street shows the entrance to the Port and as you can see we have only very thin ice and it does not cover the entire surface. Don’t try to walk on that, you will sink. In fact this year we have the least sea ice on record, the water is too warm which is not good for sea life.

So to celebrate the good news, we bought some Pol Roger Champagne. Now a little funny story here, I went to the Liquor store and could not see the champagne display so I asked the clerk who informed me there was none to be had. I was very surprised to hear this and the clerk added that no there was none on the Island in any other stores. How could this be? As I said this I turn around and there just behind me is 3 brands of French Champagne, what they do not have at the moment on stock is Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, but that is not a brand I like. So the clerk realizing what she had said then showed me in the other room what was on offer and Pol Roger is an excellent label. I know that 2022 was not a good year for the Champagne region in France, climate change again did a lot of damage.