Laurent Air Transat
A World traveller for most of my life. Have lived on all Continents in many of the Worlds Capital, I sometime feel like Ulysses/Odysseus. Have met many people and experienced various cultures and also learned from them. Because I love reading and learning languages I can speak 4 fluently and understand a few other. Now retired I continue to enjoy traveling but it must be comfortable, no camping for me. I also enjoy well prepared food, this is my epicurean nature and fine wines and single malt scotch. I worked as a volunteer at the National Gallery of Canada, one of the World’s top 10 museum, at the Canadian War Museum, a place of Remembrance for all Canadians and as Vice-Chair of the Advisory Committee on Arts, Culture and Recreation to the City Council of Ottawa. Then in May 2016 moved to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (PEI) and re-established myself here, working as a volunteer at the Art Gallery of the Confederation Centre of the Arts and as a volunteer Docent at Government House, the Official Residence of the Lieutenant-Governor of PEI.

My philosophy of Life: So long as you live and in whatever circumstances the kaleidoscope of life may place you, think for yourself and act in accordance with the conclusions of that thinking avoid so far as possible drifting with the current of the mob or being too easily influenced by the outward manifestation of things. Take your own look beneath the surface and don’t trust others to look for you. If you will follow this rule, you will make the most out of your life.

Here is a thought which we need to remember; For it is by Light that we uncover the Responsibilities that our Ambitions engages us to. 


The Atlantic Province of Prince Edward Island.

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12 thoughts on “About”

  1. Ruth said:

    I finally got a quiet moment to sit down and read some of your blog. Wonderful! I am having a good chuckle at the thought of delivering string cheese lasagna to you last week when I see just how fabulous your Christmas food choices were and that you are truly a much-traveled, experienced foody! We love having you and Will as our neighbours!

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  2. I must say your blog is really something excellent.

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  3. I was sailing in Georgian Bay this past week and was looking for info on the Mcallum/Jackman /Group of 7 cottage murals. Your post was helpful.

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  4. Hi Larry, thanks for coming in to see me at Steve Says! Come again, stay a while – have a drink even. I look forward to seeing more of you in the blogging world. Don’t forget, if you like music then check out my music blog talkaboutpopmusic.com. Steve…

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  5. I just got around to checking my email and blog (I have had the flu all week) and I noticed your comment on my blog, so I checked out yours. I am part Canadian, though I am a U.S. citizen. PEI is one of my absolute favorite places on earth. I love Canada and I even looked into moving there upon my retirement, but I don’t think I will be able to do that. Too much red tape. I guess I will just have to endure Donald Trump’s four years….I will check out your blog in further detail tonight. Thanks for your comment on mine.

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  6. Hello, very pleased to meet you ! Thank you for sharing your philosophy of life and thank you for the follow, have a nice Wednesday !!

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