A piece by Andrew Cohen on Canada.

A good piece and balanced point of view. A good summary of where we are as a Country.

The consensus: The election was pointless. It was about nothing. Canadians are agitated. And the country is now more divided than before the campaign, which released demons of poison and prejudice.

Yes, the election was unnecessary and unwanted, a misguided prime minister’s vanity project. Yes, it produced the lowest turnout ever, which undermines democracy. Yes, the campaign generated violence and ugliness.

Two days before the vote, one perfervid commentator bemoaned “the volcano of frustration, fear and hate,” and warned the Liberals had produced “a historical absence of consensus and unity.”

Whoever wins, she warned, won’t have received votes from “the vast majority of voters,” lacking a mandate to govern. The election would leave “permanent scars.”

The media has been full of this hand-wringing and finger-wagging. From the United States and beyond, though, Canada’s election looks different.

An election takes the country’s temperature — even if the thermometer is not inserted long — and this one did. But if Canada is shaking in rage and riven with discontent this political season, as commentators claim, would not the outcome of the vote have reflected that?

If Canadians were so polarized, would voters not have rejected the Liberals, embraced the Conservatives and flocked to the left or right, such as the New Democrats or People’s Party?

They didn’t. Instead, they ratified the status quo ante. They renewed the governing party’s contract. They kept the official opposition in opposition. They dismissed extremes.

And in a world full of conservative, populist and disruptive forces — the radical Republicans in the United States, the Conservative Brexiteers in Britain, Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France, the Alternative for Germany seeking more seats in Sunday’s elections in Germany — dear Canada remained moderate, sensible, centrist and most of all, progressive.

As one observer said long ago, Canada is “a hotbed of cold feet.” Or, as the extraordinary Peter Newman once put it, we’re “a nation of life-insurers more than risk-takers.”

Amid a wasting pandemic, wrenching economic and social realignment, and the growing existential threat of climate change, Canadians could have chosen something else, as they did decisively with majority governments in 1958, 1984, 1993 and 2015.

This time, they looked around, sighed, and said no. They gave the Greens two seats and the People’s Party none. They gave the Liberals and Conservatives one-third of the vote or less, and the New Democrats less than one-fifth.

If this looks like polarization, look again. Progressive Canada — the Liberals, Greens, NDP and Bloc Québécois — won more than four-fifths of the popular vote. The PPC and the Conservatives got the rest, and only after poor Erin O’Toole tried mightily and unpersuasively to be more progressive than conservative.

If Canada is divided, the division is political, not philosophical. The Liberals and their allies are largely in agreement on expanding the social-welfare state (day care), fighting climate change (carbon tax), controlling firearms (weapons bans), increasing immigration (401,000 new Canadians this year).

Something to celebrate: Canada remains the only western democracy that does not have a credible anti-immigration party. Like abortion, gay marriage, capital punishment and euthanasia, immigration is settled in Canada.

Polarization? Consider the U.S., where Congress is so evenly split that a progressive president elected with 51 per cent can do little legislatively. Here, the differences are political, ideological, religious, social and deeply personal: voting rights, racial reconciliation, income inequity, climate change. Here, things are never settled, which is why Americans are relitigating abortion.

None of that happens in Canada, where governments rarely win a majority of the popular vote but even minority governments exercise executive authority with more efficiency than in Washington.

Canada’s election about nothing could have produced a sweeping new Parliament, but Canadians were contented, pragmatic and sensible enough in a pandemic not to swap horses in the middle of the race. In a roiling world, that’s not nothing.

Andrew Cohen is a journalist, professor at Carleton University and author of Two Days in June: John F. Kennedy and the 48 Hours that Made History.

The Election that was


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Well we have a new Parliament and Prime Minister Trudeau has won a third term, though again a minority Government. At dissolution the Liberals had 155 seats now they have 158 seats. The Official Opposition party the Conservative had 121 seats and are down to 119. Their leader Erin O’Toole wanted to win big or at least improve substantially his party seat count in the House. Will the Conservative party get rid of him now? They did it to Andrew Scheer his predecessor, gone within one month. The problem of the Conservative was to align themselves with fringe groups of anti-vaxxers, the far-right, using language associated closely to Trump and Erin made the supreme mistake of supporting the Premier of Alberta who is an incompetent fool with a terrible record on Covid19 response in Alberta. Erin could not see the writing on the wall. He even played the army card, asking retired senior officers to endorse him. That is a big no no in Canada, it is not done period. We are a Kingdom and army officers owe their loyalty to the Sovereign and no one else. Erin O’Toole also touched the sacred Cow of free Health Care, saying he would privatize part of the system while Trudeau promise to reenforce Health care and possibly provide also Pharma care. Guess what Trudeau won out, you really have to wonder sometimes about strategy and advice politicians get from spin doctors.

The other party leaders like Jagmeet Singh did not lose nor gained anything, but he could be a strong ally of the Liberals in the House with his progressive agenda. The Bloc which only represents Quebec won 29 seats and they too appear ready for now to support the Liberals, if Quebec gets some sweet reward which it is sure to get. As for the Green party they are dead in the water, their Leader lost her bid to win a seat and will probably be dumped by her party. By the way the Green party has 2 seats in the House, which does not give them any status at all.

As for the People’s Party no seats and their leader Maxime Bernier lost again and was unable to win a seat of his own. They are a fringe across the country and their message is copied word for word from speeches by Trump, I hope the Donald is getting royalties.

In PEI all 4 seats went to the Liberals and my MP Sean Casey who is a nice guy and helpful, won his fourth term.

Now Prime Minister Trudeau will have to arrange his Cabinet new portfolio to MPs probably some new faces and some old ones. He will go see the Governor General and ask permission to form a government but the test is to prove he has the confidence of the House in a vote. The vote will come after the Speech from the Throne by the Governor General announcing the new Legislative program. This will probably take place sometime after Thanksgiving in Mid-October. The House will not sit long because by 15 December they will recess for the Holidays.

It is unlikely that the new Government would not win a confidence vote after the Speech from the Throne because this would throw the country back into another Election and this would be a political disaster and no Party Leader wants that. So we most probably have another 2 to 3 years of PM Trudeau. It is also very likely that we will see changes in leadership in the parties, even Trudeau may decide that he wants to retire or he may be pushed out by his own party. For sure Erin O’Toole will face a leadership review. When this happens no election can happen so we will have stability for a while.

A foot note for my American Friends reading this, the Canadian Election cost $600 million dollars to run over 36 days, some people and some in the Media find this to be an outrage. When you think how much it cost to run an election in the USA, I think this is a bargain.

Victory Speech at 12:30am on 21 Sept.

Another beautiful day


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I am not sure if we are in what has always been called Indian Summer but this mid-September period the weather has been lovely. This morning we drove to the BlockHouse Light House to meet with our barber who is also a professional photographer, Jared D. I have some of his work and he has an excellent eye.

The weather today is sunny and bright. The location of the lighthouse is on Rocky Point, PEI is made of soft red sandstone. The Blockhouse was built to mark the entrance into the very narrow passage into the Harbour of Charlottetown where 3 rivers meet into the bay. All ships arriving must pass through this passage and it is tricky because of sandbanks and shallow water levels, only a narrow channel in the middle affords enough depth for the big cruise ships and the oil ships to pass. The lighthouse is essential to avoid a disaster.

The blockhouse is a large house with a big light on top, owned and operated by the Canadian Coast Guard, like all lighthouses on PEI or in Canada. To get there you have to drive from PEI in a semi-circular road out of Charlottetown, through Cornwall and then down Hwy 19 and turn to the indication for the national historic site of Port-LaJoye / Fort Amherst on Blockhouse road. The last portion of the road is rough unpaved dirt. The view is spectacular on the point.

We went there because Will’s Birthday is coming and I decided to have a portrait made of him for this special Birthday. There is more of course to come later as the Birthday approaches.

We also saw a very nice little house in the area for sale. We will look it up. We are looking for peace and quiet and living smack downtown, even in a small town, is a busy, noisy affair. Rocky Point is a peaceful rural area, of a few houses and golf courses, farms and beautiful view points surrounded by water.

posing for a shot
Charlottetown is on the right side of the photo in the far distance. Red sandstone cliffs of PEI.

Party time


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Friday night at the Club we had the launching of our 25th Anniversary year. This party took some months to organize simply for the logistics of it, food, music, guests list, press release and much communications between various Official guests and VIPs.

The food was Lobster rolls which is always a big hit, we had other nice finger food and a beautiful carrot cake made by one of our members. The Mayor of Charlottetown hosted the party as a Patron of the Club and the Lieutenant Governor was also present as our Vice-regal Patron, the Premier sent his personal representative and ministers of the government were also present. Lots and lots of members came to the event. Our small orchestra played and the entertainment Chair composed a Club song to a famous tune by a well know Jazz composer. We had a lot of fun and it was a great success.

Lieutenant Governor’s limousine arriving at the Club, with the distinctive Royal Flag.

It helped that the weather was sunny and warm like a nice late Summer day and this week it will be more of the same.

This week the Coffee and Conversation series is starting up again and I organized for the TESLA dealership in town to bring cars to the Club so members can hear about it and test drive them. I expect a big turnout.

Well tomorrow is VOTING Day in Canada, because we have 6 time zones, to know the results we will have to wait a few hours until people living on the West Coast vote and their Voting Polls close 3 hours later than ours. In the meantime the news media has endless silly chatter and speculation trying to fill in air time until they are authorize by Elections Canada to announce the results.

The vote is close both main parties have split percentages 32% to 31% and the NDP has a 19% favorable rate. The Bloc Quebecois which only runs candidates in Quebec and only represents Quebec interests or so they say, could play a major role in that province which is vote rich. Ontario and specifically the Greater Toronto Region is also vote rich and very important in terms of the number of seats. Atlantic Canada votes first and the Liberal party has a huge unbeatable lead in the 4 Atlantic provinces.

It very much looks like it will be yet again a minority government Liberal or Conservative not clear yet. However I can see PM Trudeau being forces out by his own party if he cannot give them a majority. Same for the Conservatives who are not supporting the centrist approach in this election of their Leader Erin O’Toole, who looked desperate this weekend. Because the right wing vote is badly split between between right and extreme right and the more extreme fringe controls the conservative party, the possibility of seeing that fringe vote for the Neo-Nazis, ( I use this term because of their ideology), of Maxime Bernier and his People’s Party is very real. A strange coalition of white supremacists (Alberta) and anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-Feminist, anti-abortion, anti-vaxxers, anti-jewish, anti-gay, anti-human rights, and very much PRO-Assault rifles.

This election is unlike any other I have seen in my life time, if I think back to 1968. It was one of violence, assaults on candidates, violent demonstrations, hate mongering and very little substance. PM Trudeau did present his program which is progressive and clear with the costing done. The other parties not so much, Conservatives tell us WE have a Plan, really what is it. That is not clear. How much does it cost? Mystery.

The NDP of Jagmeet Sigh have a program but it is mostly about Provincial jurisdictions where the Federal Government cannot intervene. High fantasy in other words. Jagmeet does not appear to know the difference between Provincial and Federal competence. The public follows him because many are themselves ignorant of those differences. The Green party died during this election, it’s leader was totally unprepared for the job and she by taking a strong Pro-Israel stand destroyed her party and she is already saying that if she does not win a seat in the House she will resign.

The wild card is Bernier and his People’s Party, remains to be seen if he will make gains or not. So we shall see.

We do not elect the PM


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Canada being a Kingdom (Dominion of Canada) we do not elect a Prime Minister (Head of Government). The Prime Minister’s position as head of government is an Appointment by the Governor General. However the holder of the position is an elected member of the House of Commons. However because our general television news is abysmal in Canada you will hear on Monday night various talking heads and so called experts talk about our PM elect which is pure nonsense and only serves to confuse a public which is largely ignorant of the most basic facts on how our system of Parliament functions.

You will also hear a lot about a mandate, there is no such thing in Canada as a mandate from an election victory. In the present case if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau government should find themselves with the most seats and can govern then they will just continue with the same program as it was prior to the election period. Any other party would implement their vision of governance but it is not a mandate. This is because again we elect 338 members to the House of Commons and each member represents one group of citizens and it is impossible to have one single mandate. Governing in Canada is based entirely on the will and the confidence of the whole House of Commons not just the government. But reporters get this wrong constantly because they look South and confuse the Republican form of government in the USA with our Westminster system.

It is sad that we still have to explain this in newspaper and other media platform, you would think people would know that, apparently not.

The other silly notion is that an election is not needed or not necessary, this is truly unbelievable, in a democracy election have to happen simply for the legitimacy of any elected Parliament. This election was required because as a minority governing body, the Prime Minister was constantly challenged by the Opposition who would then also invent so called scandals which did not exist. Controversies yes but nothing more and certainly not a reason to stop the work of Parliament. After 9 months of nonsense from certain actors in the House of Commons it was obvious an election had to take place to clear the air.

So late Monday night we should know. Some predict that it may be a majority for the Liberals. The Conservative party under Erin O’Toole are not doing well despite an early gain. His friend and someone Erin supported the Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney, is in big trouble with the Health system collapsing due to Covid 19 fourth wave which could have been averted entirely. O’Toole refuses to denounce his poor policies.

Nicky says thank you


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Well our Nicky is feeling better and he is a little tired of the rice and veal diet. But being born in Italy veal is sort of the thing for him. Nicky was happy for your good wishes and says in his native Italian, mille grazie a tutti.

Other items, well we are back to having to wear face masks everywhere indoors now. The big problem is Alberta out West where the hospital system is about to crash due to too many new Covid cases and the very low vaccination rate. Alberta is our West Virginia, very backwards. The Premier Jason Kenney use to be my Minister at the Federal level years ago, a complete incompetent fool, who caused by his inaction the death in his provinces of thousands of people because he deferred to private business over the public good, dollars before lives.

What is worse the Chief Medical Officer in Alberta Dr Heather Hinshaw went along with Kenney’s policy until yesterday after months of lying to the public, admitted that she was wrong, sorry folks she says. That is why we call them murder clowns.

Ontario is not much better, of the $2.5 billion dollars they received from the Federal Gov. for Covid to help the health sector, they instead sat on the money, did nothing with it. Another fool Premier Doug Ford, who created the fourth wave to help out businesses instead of the people of the province. This is the problem with those conservative premiers, they admire Trump and make no bones about it. I do hope people will vote them out of Office when the Provincial election cycle comes around.

Only 3 days to go before the Federal Election. Let’s hope Canadians will not elect a Trump wanna be.

Pancreatitis, Meetings


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Well Nicky was not feeling well for the last 3 days and he obviously had some stomach issues.

He has a very delicate digestive system and anything can trigger a malaise. Last night he was very sick and I took him to the Animal Veterinary Hospital of the University of PEI. They are always open 24/7, though for a fee. The service is excellent and you get a Vet with experience and a fourth year student who is doing their practicum learning with the professional vet. Nicky got some blood work done and all was fine. He then got a shot to stop the nausea and he came home. This morning he was a little tired but he is bouncing back. For a thirteen year old he is doing fine. We do worry about them.

Earlier in the day I had meeting at the Club to plan the Friday party with lots of VIPs. At the same time the surge in Covid cases on the Island in schools amongst kids under 12 is worrisome. However what we see now is those who are not vaccinated are getting sick. Since 90% of the Island population is fully vaccinated those who get sick, the unvaccinated, really stand out. We have 22 cases which is not much and testing is going full blast in the last two days. So we should get to the bottom of this pretty soon.

Violence on the campaign is on the rise, one candidate was assaulted in his Office yesterday by a women, the PM got rocks thrown at him, his wife was called a whore by some idiot macho guy. Signs have been defaced with swastikas and the rise of the extreme right wing People’s Party (PPC) of white supremacist is difficult to believe, but they are at 7% in the polls right now. We have never seen this in a Canadian Federal Election before. Only 4 days to go before voting day 20 September.

Voting, Golf and BBQ


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On Saturday I went to vote in anticipation. In Canada you can do that a week before the actual date, which is 20 September 2021. Voting in Canada either at the Federal level, Provincial or Municipal is a fairly easy affair. I am registered to vote by completing on the Elections Canada site the info they need to send me a card. The info is simple, your home address, your full name. Elections Canada is an independent body and is not in any way controlled or subject to politicians or political parties. Anyone working at Elections Canada is and must be fully neutral of political views. Same for all the volunteers at polling stations, in some cases you cannot even wear colours which might suggest support for a party, like red or blue or orange.

The advance polling is open from 9am to 9pm and is in one central location. Whereas on election day polling stations are located in neighbourhoods, in our case one block away from home. So I went to vote and the atmosphere is a happy one, helpful staff and a very simple process. I also have to bring with my voter card a piece of ID with my photo and home address, issued by the Provincial Government or the Federal Government. It is checked by the fellow at the door who then quickly directs you to the next person who registers you, then you are sent to the actual voting area, the fellow there has a big paper list, checked my name and crossed it, gave me a paper bulletin to register my vote with a pencil. I voted then return the folded bulletin and put it into the Urn. It took all of about 3 minutes. I really like the paper and pencil way to vote, simple and efficient.

So I am done now for this Federal Election, you can only vote for the candidate who will be, if elected, your member of Parliament. NO we do not vote for the Prime Minister, no matter what people say, you can only vote for your MP where you live. So this means we have 338 candidates to elect to form the House of Commons. The Prime Minister will be one of them. Currently Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is an MP in the riding of Papineau in Montreal.

An interesting fact in our Canadian System, Justin Trudeau continues to be Prime Minister until he resigns. So on election night if the Liberal party is not re-elected with enough seats to form a government, Trudeau will still have to decide to resign or not. If he thinks that he could by doing the math, form a coalition with another party and have enough seats to govern, then he will advise the Governor General accordingly and a vote will be held in the House of Commons to see if he has the confidence of the House. As long as a Government has the confidence of the House, he can continue to rule. An example of this, in 2006 the then Prime Minister Paul Martin, lost the election to Stephen Harper. However for several hours until the next day, Martin did the math and looked around if any other party would help in supporting his party. He needed 51 seats. He quickly realized that no other party would support him and he resigned. Harper was called by the Governor General to form a government.


Yesterday was our Club’s Annual Golf Tournament at Glen Afton on the cliff at Rocky Point, which has spectacular views of the Strait of Northumberland. Great sunny day with a bit of wind, nice and around 22C perfect for the game. I was at the Club and set up the BBQ on our deck its a 6 burner and from 2pm to 5pm grilled 65, 10 oz steaks. You really have to watch the meat and I had a thermometer with me to check so I was able to give people what they wanted from rare to medium to well done. Got an ovation from the crowd for my work and many compliments. It was great fun being on the deck and talking to everyone.

We had trophies for the best ball and best team, everyone got a small gift for participating, the President thought this was the most successful tournament in years.

Haviland Club in old Charlottetown.

Cold and rainy


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In a matter of a few hours we went from muggy and 27C to cold, rainy and 15C with high cold winds. Now it is suppose to rain for a week, but it is not rain but a drizzle with wind.

Today Sunday I was hoping for some Sun and dry weather, 2 people I knew were getting married and you need good weather not rain. Today was a nice day if a tad cool at 12C definitely fall weather now. Fashions changed overnight and sweaters have come out. We will still have some good warm days but Fall is on the way.

Today we went for lunch in the countryside at friends who live part of the year on Orwell Bay. We met their new little schnauzer Lucy only 5 months old. It was so nice to be out of town for the day.

Orwell Bay at low tide, the island is all sand and red sandstone. There is a lot of annual erosion every winter and the shore line use to be a good 40 feet further into the bay than today and this erosion is just in 50 years.

On the way we stopped at Mackenzie which is a farm off Highway 1. Lots of wonderful vegetables, got great tomatoes and some beets, their corn on the cob is buttery super good, blueberries, and two big pots of Mums yellow and red. Better to buy flowers at the farm, the price is 50% less than at the grocery store. I noticed that they were also starting to display a variety of pumpkins and squash of all size and types. I will go back in 2 weeks to get a pumpkin and will probably pay only a few dollars, again instead of the high prices of the grocery chain.

THIS is only a first sample of what will be on offer for September and October. The really big pumpkins are coming later. I am looking for a good 20 lbs pumpkin with a nice shape. The also have the little ones perfect for an arrangements on the table.

This week we are having visitors from Ottawa, our first visitors this year. Old colleagues from my days in the Foreign Service, we met in Cairo in 1989.

Wednesday we will take them out to dinner at The Dunes Gallery at Brackley Point, the gardens are beautiful and their restaurant is truly great, an excellent chef works the kitchen and the menu is imaginative. Next day both Nick and Nora will be going to Kensington to the groomer. Then on Saturday it’s the Club’s Annual Golf Tournament. I will be on the golf cart passing along adult refreshments and sandwiches. After that I return to the club to grill 60 steaks on our BBQ. It will be fun and I am looking forward to it.

Last week tragedy struck at the Federal Dock where the Coast Guard usually docks when on town and where HMCS Charlottetown docks on annual visit. Usually a lot of amateur fishermen cast their lines into the Hillsborough river, apparently its a good spot for fishing. However one of them fell into the water, a drop of 25 feet and the current is very treacherous and swift, the poor fellow drown in front a crowd, it all happened so fast and because of the current no one dared jump in. Only the police with their speed boat can intervene.

This week the weather promises more rain and cold weather. Will see has it can all change quickly.

I will finish by mentioning that the famous Canadian Schooner the Bluenose II which is usually in the port of Halifax came to visit PEI stopping in various coastal towns. The Bluenose is celebrating 100 years, it replaced the original Bluenose which won many speed records and is featured on our 10 cent coin. A beautiful ship.

The Bluenose II is the property of the Government of Nova Scotia and is used as a school for training sailors. Wherever it goes it attracts a lot of attention. Happy it came to Charlottetown.



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All around the world many cultural sites are being restored by Governments and private groups in order to rediscover history and appreciate the beauty and value of architecture.

In Athens a 25 year program restored many important buildings of the Acropolis, the work requires expertise and scholars, archeologists, historians and artisans and buckets of money.

Barcelona will complete the Sagrada Familia Church in 2026 with the donations of tourists who pay an entrance fee.

Versailles continues its restorations of the chateau bringing back elements that were neglected for decades with a comprehensive program of restoration of furniture, the gardens and fountains and other buildings.

Berlin has done much work in the last 30 years since reunification changing the look of the city making it more people friendly and restoring its 18 Century look.

Everywhere you go it seems much is done to enhance the heritage component of cities. All this work also brings more tourist dollars or Euros as the case may be.

Russia under Vladimir Putin has also done much to enhance its heritage. Restoring countless monasteries, churches and palaces. Last week the Alexander Palace re-opened to the public after 8 years of restoration.

In the case of the Alexander Palace which is located in Tsarkoye Selo some 25 Km from St-Petersburg, it was a gigantic effort and a costly one. The original palace was built by Catherine the Great for her grandson Alexander I and his wife. They did not like living in the palace and so remained in their suite of rooms at the Great Catherine Palace across the street. Around 1820 the palace became the Official Summer Residence of the Heir to the Russian Throne. Finally in 1894, Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra moved in and made it their private residence. They would live there until August 1917, when they were exiled to Siberia. The Palace was closed by the Bolcheviks and turned into a museum until 1939 when the invading Nazis and Spanish Fascists troops laid siege to St-Petersburg (Leningrad) for 900 days.

Before the arrival of the Nazis, the Soviet Government rapidly emptied the palaces all around Tsarkoye Selo of their most valuable contents shipping them East for safe keeping. In the case of the Alexander Palace not all the contents could be shipped off due to time constraints. Some less important art works where hidden in the basement. This did not stop the looting and vandalism by foreign invaders. In 1945 with the end of the war, the damage was assessed and no one believed that the Alexander Palace and its park would be restored given the amount of destruction. However some officials of the Culture department started to work on saving and restoring what they could. The Palace was re-opened to the public with limited displays but it all had a very sad look. The roof leaked and some rooms were beyond salvage.

Only in 2014 did very serious work start to restore the palace to its former glory as a private residence of the last Tsar and his family. On You Tube, you will find recent videos of the opening of the Palace to the press and experts explain how the final results were achieved. Some 6000 personal objects, from clothing to paintings, vases, other bibelots, books, even personal diaries kept by the Tsarina until 2 hours before her murder are in the collection returned to the Palace and placed in the various rooms. The Bolcheviks kept everything and catalogue it all. It is in many way ghoulish and says a lot about Lenin and company. The children’s toys are particularly poignant, they will eventually be placed in their bedrooms on the second floor.

The work done in the restoration is spectacular, fragments of tiles, fabric and wallpaper have all been reproduced meticulously. In one room, rare Brazilian Rosewood called Palisander, panel the walls. The Tsar and his family could walk back into those rooms today and find them as they left them in August 1917, in all its splendor with all their personal items, clothing, family photos etc.

The Palace will be their memorial, though the family was murdered in a dark cellar some 103 years ago, this refurbishment is eerily real.