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Ok so last week I gave a short version of the building of the new St-Peter’s Basilica, the one we know today which took place over 130 years (1500-1630). I had asked if readers could tell what was the difference between the painting below of Viviano Codazzi in 1630 when the basilica construction was completed and today.


Solution: Between 1630 and 1660 Gian Lorenzo Bernini decorated the church inside giving us the great Bronze Baldaquin over the Papal Altar and many other monuments inside the building, like the mausoleum of Pope Alexander VII. However on the outside he created the Piazza we see today with the colonnade forming half circles on either side and flanked by statues of Saints.



Today with the great Bernini Colonnade built on the order of Pope Alexander VII by Bernini to complete the design of the St-Peter’s Basilica. It is interesting to note that the architectural style mimics Roman Imperial style to show continuity between the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church, a point every Pope has made since the  time of Constantine in the 4th century.