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A storm is coming our way, currently in Porto Rico and coming up the Eastern Seaboard should arrive here in the Maritimes around Friday night. Very high wind maybe hurricane like, the trees are still full of leaves so this means down trees and power outages. Heavy rain storms, some flooding maybe. I live in the City and we will see the wind and rain but beyond that I do not know. I will do the usual get a roasted chicken, chips, some wine and just sit tight. When Doria came by a few years ago, we were in Norway, we heard about it but did not see it, a lot of damage was done all around with down trees. I was told that a power outage did occur for a few hours in my neighbourhood but because it is the Capital, the Electrical company is quick about repairing damages. Then again the storm may miss us but we will get the rain. For sure the bridge will be closed due to high winds and the ferry service suspended. Stay tuned!

In the funeral procession yesterday in London, the RCMP led the cortege, I was wondering about the horses, had they been transported to the occasion? It turns out, they had been given to Queen Elizabeth II by the RCMP. Over many decades Canada gifted our Sovereign several horses, the most famous was Burmese which she rode in many State functions. The horses are called Darby, George, Sir John, Elizabeth. There was a special relationship between the late Queen and the RCMP over her love of horses.

Yes the weather is truly Fall like now, cooler and windier. Looking forward to Thanksgiving on October 10.

Some pictures


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Today is a holiday in Canada to mourn the late Queen. I did not get up at 05:30am but decided to watch on YouTube and chose the BBC Coverage which is best. I have been a very long time fan of the BBC and BBC World Service, never a CNN fan even in the 1980’s.

I watched the Service from the start at Westminster Hall to the Abbey across the street and then the procession to Wellington Arch where the hearse was waiting to take the coffin to Windsor Castle for the Committal service in St-George’s Chapel. The service in Windsor was simply one of internment much more simple and more sombre. Only Family members, staff and senior military officers attending. The staff of the late Queen were all present. When the hearse arrived the maids, kitchen staff, the footmen, butlers and her two last Corgies Muik and Sandy were present.

There was a difference in the invited crowds in both services. At Westminster Abbey were all the Heads of State 121 in all, Kings and Queens most of whom are cousins of the Royal Family. Did you notice the King of Bulgaria, Serbia, the Queen of Romania, none of them rule but are nonetheless seen by their governments as legitimate and re-established now the Communism is gone. They represented their governments. The other European Royalty like The King of the Netherlands is close to the Royal Family at many family levels and political levels. The Danish Crown, Norway, Sweden also. All the Arab Princes where present. Also many politicians and Staff of the Royal Family. At Westminster it was the State Funeral Service with all the Pomp and ceremony this entails. At Windsor it was subdued and solemn, it was the moment of transition, now the Sovereign is King Charles III. The last act when the Regalia was removed from the coffin and placed on the Altar and then the King deposited the Queen’s company flag on the coffin to indicate the passage of powers and the Chamberlain of the Queen broke his staff in two and placed it on Her coffin to indicate that his service was at an end.

ALL photos are courtesy of the BBC.

In the courtyard of Westminster Hall waiting for the coffin to emerge on its way across the street to the Abbey for the funeral service. From left to right, The King wearing the great Admiral of the fleet uniform, Princess Anne, the princess royal wearing her admiral uniform, Prince Andrew in morning suit, Prince Edward wearing his Royal Marine Uniform. Second row, the Prince of Wales, William wearing is no.1 Air Force Uniform, Prince Harry in morning suit, Peter Philips in morning suit, he is the elders grandson of the late Queen. Third row, Admiral Tim Laurence, husband of Prince Anne, in his Rear Admiral Uniform, Prince Richard Duke of Gloucester, in his Air Force Uniform and the last gentleman David Armstrong-Jones son of the late Princess Margaret.
The coffin of Oak lined inside with lead and covered with the Royal Standard, The imperial State Crown, the Sceptre and Orb. The flowers for this morning’s service a gift of the King with a note attached. Every flower bears symbolism including the sprigs of Thyme (courage). It must have been heavy to carry by the 8 grenadiers.
The coffin in the Abbey, The king is to the left of the picture, the Royals are all seated to the Right of the High Altar. In front of them are the other European Royals, family and cousins. The guard in the aisle is a Royal Bodyguard.
The high Altar at Westminster Abbey, the mosaic cosmati floor in front of the High Altar is where the Coronation ceremony will take place with the throne of St-Edward placed in the middle.
The Royal Trumpeters still bearing the cypher of the late Queen EIIR, for the last time, it will be replaced tomorrow by CIIIR.
The end of the State Funeral Service at Westminster Abbey with the Heralds followed by the most senior Military officers of the Kingdom.
The King with the Queen Consort Camilla, who with the congregation is singing the Royal Anthem at the end of the service.
As the first Dominion of the Realm, Canada had the honour of leading the military procession down the Mall, here with a mounted detachment of the RCMP. Followed by 14 Canadian Regimental detachments of the army, navy and RCAF.
Canadian army, RCAF and Royal Canadian Navy.

Here we seen the procession with the gun carriage pulled by sailors of the Royal Navy and escorted by the Royal Body Guards, Grenadiers, Beef Eaters and the Company of Scottish Archers. Passing in front of the cenotaph and the Foreign Office building in central London, The flags of are in a position of salute, touching the soil as the coffin of the Late Sovereign passes.
The procession coming towards Buckingham Palace down Pall Mall, Admiralty Arch in the background.
Seen from Buckingham Palace with the Victoria Memorial Monument, the procession will pass to the right of the monument in front of Buckingham Palace where the staff are lined up to salute their former Sovereign and the procession will then proceed to Constitution Hill towards Wellington Arch.
Staff lined up in front of Buckingham Palace to salute the coffin.
Passing by the Commonwealth Memorial Gates.
Passing under the Wellington Arch
The catafalque arrives at Wellington Place, for the final transfer to the hearse for the ride to Windsor Castle and the committal service at St-George’s Chapel.

Royal Body Guards as the hearse departs Wellington Place, with the king and Queen Consort and the Princes looking on.
On to Windsor…

The King is placing the Company colours of the Queen to be buried with Her.
As the King looks on, the Queen’s Chamberlain breaks his staff and places it on the coffin to indicate his service to her is ended.

Now the service at an end the old Queen has been buried in the crypt with her husband HRH Prince Philip and her parents and the Royal Anthem God Save the King sung, in St-George’s Chapel, this picture of King Charles III is moving, his eyes brimming with tears. It has been a very long day full of ceremony.

19 September 2022


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Well we went from a nice 22C to 10C in just 12 hours, this is how Seasons change in Canada. It is still sunny but breezy and the wind at sea is strong enough to stop ferry crossings and close the bridge to all trucks. We are still in September and already the high winds are closing the bridge. We also have this year 2022 the longest period of warmer than usual days in one year. This beats all previous records, so though it is nice to have warmer weather, it brings a host of other problems.

The corn is in and this year it is very good, sweet and not starchy, I think this is because I bought it within a few hours of being harvested on a farm near by, I never buy corn at a grocery store, it is too starchy and it is more expensive also, usually about 50 Cents more. This year a ear of corn sells for about .50 to .69 cents each at the farmers market, in the grocery it’s more like .69 to .99 cents and not very fresh.

The international shellfish Festival is on and Martha Stewart is in town doing something with seafood. One of my favourite floating restaurant in town the Cork & Cast won the prize for the best potato seafood chowder, happy for them they are such nice people. They also have the best funky cocktails.

Today I saw this picture of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in his first audience with the King at Buckingham Palace. Charles III being the King of Canada, such meetings happen regularly and does consultations on various topics.

This picture of Her Late Majesty was taken a few months ago to mark Her Platinum (70) Jubilee. I really like it, it is one of the best I have ever seen.

I also saw on YouTube a post on the Crowns at the Tower of London where all the Regalia is kept. It turns out that there are more Crowns than I imagined. The only one seen very regularly is the Imperial State Crown and on Coronation day St-Edward’s Crown for a few minutes at the moment of the crowning of the Sovereign. But now we have a Queen Consort and she gets to wear a Crown also and it turns out that Queen Camilla will have a selection of Crowns she can choose from or she may just decide to have a new one made to her liking. Then the new Prince of Wales HRH Prince William and HRH Princess Catherine also have Crowns to wear when they will be invested in their new role. Again they have a choice of previous Crowns or they can have new ones made. The thing is that Crowns are usually made of precious metal and incrusted with precious gems, so they are really costly. Some are the private property of the Sovereign and all others belong to the British Government.

A lot of information is circulating on the upcoming Coronation of King Charles III and His Queen Consort Camilla probably next Spring of 2023. In Westminster Abbey, you have the Coronation Chair of St-Edward which is very ancient and used for the service itself.

If you take a very close look, you will see that some school boys many decades ago carved into this relic their initials. The Coronation Throne is 722 years old, the Queen Consort also has a Throne though it is only 122 years old.

During the Coronation Service it will be placed on this very old mosaic floor in front of the High Altar in the Abbey. The floor was created at the time of the reconstruction of the Abbey by Muslim Arabs who lived in Rome, all tradesmen who created this floor in 1268 on the order of King Henri III. The pattern is called Cosmati and can be found in Rome in many early Christian Churches.

On Monday the public service of the Funeral will take place in the Abbey, then the coffin of the late Queen will be taken to St-George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle and in a private ceremony for the Members of the Royal Family it will be placed in the King George side Chapel built in the 1950’s to serve as a final resting place for King George VI, the Queen Mother is also buried there and Princess Margaret ashes are also in that side chapel. Now HRH Prince Philip and Her Late Majesty’s coffins will also be committed in the side Chapel. This way the family of King George VI will all rest together. I remember visiting it some 50 years ago and was surprised at how small the space was and how plain or modern it is.

Monday is a holiday


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Monday 19 September will be the day we bury Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In Canada, the Prime Minister has decried a once in a lifetime Holiday to mourn the Queen. The PM and the Governor General have already left with their entourage for London. Yesterday at Buckingham Palace, the King and other members of the Royal Family held a reception for all the Governor Generals from the 14 Realms. The Prime Minister had a private audience with the King at the Palace. They know each other well. Canada plays the heavy here, since we are the first Dominion (Kingdom). A large delegation of the Canadian Armed Forces and the RCMP will participate in the Funeral, which is a single honour for Canada. The late Queen closely identified with Canada and some of Her children studied in Canada on top of Her 24 visits/ Opening of Parliament in Ottawa, etc. As Queen, she was The Head of State and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, a title her son the King now assumes.

The Prime Minister’s Office has announced: “The day of Her Late Majesty’s State Funeral in the United Kingdom will be marked in Canada with a National Day of Mourning and a national commemorative ceremony held at Christ Church Cathedral, the Anglican cathedral in Ottawa. The ceremony will be attended by former prime ministers the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney and the Right Honourable Joe Clark, and all Members of Parliament have been invited. The ceremony will be broadcast live for everyone to watch.”

Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as well as the following regiments of the Canadian Armed Forces will participate in the service:

The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery
The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers
The Governor General’s Horse Guards
The King’s Own Calgary Regiment
Royal 22e Régiment (Quebec City)
Governor General’s Foot Guards
The Canadian Grenadier Guards
The Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders
Le Régiment de la Chaudière
The Royal New Brunswick Regiment
The North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment
48th Highlanders of Canada
The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada
The Calgary Highlanders
Canadian Armed Forces Legal Branch
Air Reserve

The Imperial State Crown, the Orb and Sceptre resting on the coffin of Her Late Majesty in Westminster Hall.

Westminster Hall, 1000 years of history. The only remaining original building of the Westminster Palace built in 1097 by William II known as Rufus.

The grandchildren of Her Late Majesty, in order of precedence, HRH the Prince of Wales, his brother Prince Harry, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, Lady Louise and James, Viscount Severn, Lady Sarah and David 2sd Earl Snowdon. Arriving for the Vigil around their late grandmother’s coffin.

Busy days


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We have had daily arrivals of giant cruise ship with thousands of passengers, pollution and garbage, but our politicians say this is so nice and so important to our economy, really? No one in business has spoken favourably of this disgorging of thousands of people for 5 hours daily. The only one that profits are the Port Authority a private corporation, Anne of Green Gables amusement park, and a few cheap souvenir shops.

The weather as been very good and sunny and looks like it is going to continue for a while which is very pleasant. I have to say that I am not sure some days of the month we are in, is it August or September and what day of the week. I am very preoccupied right now with a serious matter and maybe this is why my mind is wandering. I do keep busy with Club business and the new Fiscal year and renewal of the Club membership. Happy with this distraction.

The Haviland Club at Farringford House, Charlottetown.

Monday 19 September will be a National Day of Mourning on the occasion of the Funeral of our Late Queen Elizabeth II. In Canada it is a statutory holiday declared by the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Because Canada was the putative home of the Queen, she came 24 times during her life as a Princess and then as Queen, Canada will play a large role in the ceremony with military detachments, the Governor General and the Prime Minister will be present. The Queen knew Justin Trudeau as a child when his father was Prime Minister.

This week also the Conservative party of Canada has elected a new leader who may be popular with his party but not with the population in general, Pierre Poilievre has embraced all manner of right wing extremist movements and individuals. He has been a politician all his life and he closely identifies with Donald Trump. The man believes that his caustic approach will allow him to become Prime Minister, if he wins the election in 2025. That is a long time off and I really do not see it as a possibility, however in politics anything is possible.

To counter him Prime Minister Trudeau has announced several programs which will help millions of Canadians, one is a free dental plan for children, a rental financial supplement for people with low income to allow them to get out of poverty, people who qualify with low income can claim twice the rebate on General service tax (GST). All these measures will make a big difference in the lives of a lot of people. Our new leader of the Opposition Pierre Poilievre who is also known by his nickname Skippy has already said that he does not believe in any of this because he is a conservative. He believes in Freedom, what ever that means. His voting record in the last 20 years in Parliament is telling, he voted against abortion rights, he voted agains any supplements to help the poor, he voted against rights for Trans people and against marriage for gay couples, despite the fact that his own father is gay. Pierre Marcel Poilievre was born June 3, 1979, to a “teenage unwed mother who had just lost her mother,” he said in an interview. He was adopted by French Canadian school teachers from Saskatchewan: “[They] adopted me and raised me and basically gave me a life,” he said. Now in his first news conference he silenced the journalists call them hecklers and took questions for QAnon. Does that remind you of someone south of the border.

Tomorrow Thursday I am taking the 2 puppies for a good grooming in Kensington, so I will be gone most of the day. Nicky is quite blind now and we have to be very careful with him when we go for walks. I am going to go again to the vet to have an assessment made again. I do not think much can be done given his age.

Life goes on


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For those of you who might wonder what are the flowers use to make the wreath laying on the late Queen’s coffin, here is the list from the Official site of Buckingham Palace,

The flowers came from Balmoral Castle and were favourite of Her late Majesty.

The Coffin was draped with the Royal Standard in Scotland and dressed with a Wreath of Flowers. The Wreath was made up of:

  • White Spray Roses
  • White Fressias
  • White Button Chrysanthemums
  • Dried White Heather (from Balmoral)
  • Spray Eryngium (thistle)
  • Foliage
  • Rosemary
  • Hebe
  • Pittosporum

The Crown of Scotland was placed on the coffin at St-Giles Cathedral.

On the afternoon of Tuesday 13th September, The Queen’s Coffin will travel from Scotland by Royal Air Force aircraft from Edinburgh Airport, arriving at RAF Northolt later that evening. The Coffin will be accompanied on the journey by The Princess Royal.

The Queen’s Coffin will then be conveyed to Buckingham Palace by road, to rest in the Bow Room. On the afternoon of Wednesday 14th September, the Coffin will be borne in Procession on a Gun Carriage of The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster, where The Queen will Lie-in-State in Westminster Hall until the morning of the State Funeral.

The Procession will travel via Queen’s Gardens, The Mall, Horse Guards and Horse Guards Arch, Whitehall, Parliament Street, Parliament Square and New Palace Yard. After the Coffin arrives at Westminster Hall, The Archbishop of Canterbury will conduct a short service assisted by The Very Reverend Dr David Hoyle, Dean of Westminster, and attended by The King and Members of the Royal Family, after which the Lying-in-State will begin. The Imperial State Crown will be placed on the coffin with the Orb and Sceptre.

During the Lying-in-State, members of the public will have the opportunity to visit Westminster Hall to pay their respects to The Queen. On the morning of Monday 19th September, the Lying-in-State will end and the Coffin will be taken in Procession from the Palace of Westminster to Westminster Abbey, where the State Funeral Service will take place.

Following the State Funeral, the Coffin will travel in Procession from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch. From Wellington Arch, the Coffin will travel to Windsor and once there, the State Hearse will travel in Procession to St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle via the Long Walk. A Committal Service will then take place in St George’s Chapel.

Tourist season closing slowly


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Well it is a blessing in disguise that the tourists are leaving and every day is more quiet. This has been a busy season but overall there have been big problems the PEI Government and the Tourism Board are not willing to admit openly. The biggest crisis is the lack of staff everywhere, forcing restaurants to operate without enough staff in kitchens or on the floor. Many operators have forced staff to work very long hours for little pay and pushed prices up, gouging the tourist for very average product. One example box wine sold as premium bottled wine. Not uncommon to see $12 to $15 for a 5oz glass of vin ordinaire.

Menus have been slashed, keeping only the most expensive items and no dessert is offered, people are pushed out the door as soon as possible. The other down side with the large extension of the docks in the port, now very large cruise ships at 4000 passengers can come in. The city is simply not equipped to deal with thousands of people arriving in one day. Politicians simply continue to do the happy face and hope for even more people. Profits dictates the course of events. We even had some racist incidents and bear spraying of people and drunk driving at high speed on narrow city streets in the tourist area.

One of the major attractions of the City was the Legislative building Province House, it has been closed for 5 years now due to a massive $100 million dollar renovation program long overdue for a 188 year old building. The building will now be closed for one more year as the interior renovation and reconstruction takes place before it can re-open as a Legislature. Built in the Georgian style of the early 1800, it is a beautiful building.

This week the steel skeleton built on the outside to uphold the walls and prevent their collapse were removed. Thousands of stones had to be replaced due to wear and tear. The roof is slate and the flashing copper. All 103 windows also had to be completely restored to keep the original look.

This is the South Side of Province House facing Great George Street and the river. The huts and barricades will come down once the project is completed in 2023.

The North side of Province House facing Great George street and the war memorial.

Accession day

Another day in the in the new reign of King Charles III and his wife Camilla, Queen Consort.

From St-James Palace in London, which is located on the Mall next to Clarence House and just down from Buckingham Palace, we saw the Privy Councillors about 200 of them join the King and the Heir Prince William, now Prince of Wales, hear the proclamation of the Accession to the Throne of Charles in the Throne Room of St-James Palace.

The Proclamation is then read on the balcony of St-James Palace to the people by the King’s Chief Herald. It is then sent to the Royal Exchange in London to the read by the Lord Mayor once again to the people. Same will be done one hour later in Edinburgh in the Kingdom of Scotland and in Northern Ireland. Each time the Royal Anthem, God Save the King is played and 3 cheers are offered.

St-James Palace is the actual seat of the British Monarchy, this is why all Ambassadors present their letters to the Court of St-James. Court business is conducted there. The palace is ancient built in 1531 under the reign of Henry VIII. Buckingham Palace is the Official residence though it remains to be seen if King Charles will return to it as his residence. The late Queen preferred Windsor Castle.

In Canada this morning at 11am Ottawa time, the Governor General H.E. Mary May Simon at her residence of Rideau Hall will, in the presence of the Prime Minister, read the Canadian Accession to the Throne of Canada of King Charles III. This informing all Canadians that we now have a new King of Canada.

Rideau Hall, Official Residence of H.E. the Governor General of Canada.

God Save the King


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So yesterday we learned that it will be HM King Charles III and Camilla Queen Consort. That is perfectly fine since it follows the established order of Succession. I have no time for pundits or speculators and their little opinions based on popular culture as to who should succeed the Queen. God knows people wishing for William or Harry and Meghan, after all that has happened? The fact remains that any changes to the order of succession has to come from Parliament at Westminster and no where else, no there is no such thing as passing over someone because the late Queen or someone else thinks that personal popularity is more important. In point of fact, years ago the late Queen started to invest more and more duties and responsibilities on King Charles because she knew that he was the natural successor. Same now with Prince William who is the Heir to the Throne and will see his responsibilities increase dramatically. As for Harry and Meghan well they are out of the picture and may find themselves even more isolated now, unless King Charles decides otherwise.

Government House, Charlottetown this morning 09-09-2022

In Canada, the death of the Queen has affected people, monarchists and non-monarchists, it brings many memories, the Late Queen visited Canada 24 times and 12 Canadian Prime Ministers served during Her 70 year reign. She often expressed her love for Canada and always enjoyed visiting.

This morning I went to Fanningbank, the Lieutenant-Governor of PEI Residence to sign the condolences book and spoke with the Lieutenant-Governor. Most people were tourists who were milling about not aware of where they were or what was going on.

Now the business of change will take place, with new postage stamps, new effigy of the King’s profile on coins and paper money.

The monarch remains the constitutional head of state in this country, no matter who is filling the role at any given time, says Philippe Lagasse, an associate professor of international affairs at Carleton University and an expert on the role of the Crown in the Westminster system of government.

Hence, the succession from the Queen to her eldest son Charles, to be known as King Charles III, is automatic. There is no disruption to governing bodies that sit in her name or to legislation, oaths and other legal documents issued in her name.

“This transition does not require any action on Canada’s part,” Lagasse says.

“The phrase ‘The Queen is dead, long live the King!’ applies here and in the U.K.”

In common law, Lagasse says, the Queen and King are “the same legal person.” That’s because the Crown is what is known as a “corporation sole.”

“This means that, in their official capacity, the legal personality of the Queen (or) King does not change when different natural persons hold the position.

“That further means that any legal documents and instruments issued in the name of the Queen or that mention the Queen will apply and be understood to be from the King.”

That includes oaths of allegiance to the monarch, which are required in a host of cases, including becoming a member of Parliament or a member of the Canadian Armed Forces or a Canadian citizen.

“So, there’s no need to re-swear or re-sign anything,” Lagasse says.

 the Parliament of Canada Act expressly states that “Parliament shall not determine or be dissolved by the demise of the Crown and, notwithstanding the demise, shall continue, and may meet, convene and sit, proceed and act, in the same manner as if that demise had not happened.”

Similarly, oaths of allegiance to the Queen have been changed to include the words “and her heirs and successors,” explicitly doing away with the need to re-swear an oath to the new monarch after her death.

Provinces and territories have all adopted similar provisions.

For instance, Canada’s Privy Council, which includes all current and former cabinet ministers, is expected to meet when a new monarch ascends the throne. The governor general, the Crown’s representative in Canada, must also issue a proclamation on the new monarch.

“It is important to note, however, that this step merely affirms what has already occurred in law,” says Lagasse.

There are also a number of protocols surrounding the official 10-day mourning period. It will culminate in a funeral service in London, which Commonwealth prime ministers and governors general are expected to attend.

Flags are already at half mast on official government buildings, including the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill, and members of the federal cabinet sported black ribbons on Thursday afternoon to commemorate the loss.

Government House in Charlottetown on 09-09-2022. People leaving flowers out of respect for Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

I also listened to the King’s first live address from Buckingham Palace today, a tribute to his mother and the formal announcement that Camilla, his wife of 17 years is now Queen Consort and his son William and Catherine are now Prince and Princess of Wales. He has received a rapturous welcome upon his arrival at the Palace from the large crowd. I believe that King Charles III will be a good Sovereign.

Long Live the King


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This afternoon Buckingham Palace announced the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral where her children and family had gathered. The gathering was a sure sign that all was not well and something was going to happen.

The news came and like many, I was in disbelief, Queen Elizabeth is the only monarch I have known all my life. Will had known King George VI her father. I went to the Club to lower the Canadian Flag at half-mast. For me as a former Foreign Service Officer, my commission came from the Queen as Consul of Canada and Counsellor. Meaning that I took an Oath of Office which was my link to the Sovereign. I greatly admired her and all she did. She was a remarkable woman.

Our new King is Charles III, being in the natural line of succession and his wife Camilla is now Queen Consort as announced some months ago by the late Queen Elizabeth. The transition to Charles started many years ago and Charles had taken a great deal of responsibilities and I am confident that he will do very well as King, wishing him all the best.

Her son King Charles III said the death of his beloved mother was a “moment of great sadness” for him and his family and that her loss would be “deeply felt” around the world. In Canada many admired our Queen and her devotion to service and duty. Canada as a nation changed a lot during her reign.

On the Queen’s death, Prince William and his wife, Catherine, became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall. He is now the Heir to the Throne.

The Late Queen Elizabeth II, 1926-2022. The Queen was born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, in Mayfair, London, on 21 April 1926. As a 21-year-old princess, Elizabeth had vowed to devote her life to service. 
Reflecting on those words decades later, during her Silver Jubilee in 1977, she declared: “Although that vow was made in my salad days, when I was green in judgment, I do not regret nor retract one word of it.”
That same commitment to serving was made 45 years later in a thank you letter to the nation on the weekend of her Platinum Jubilee in June 2022.

Now a new profile will appear on Canadian Stamps, coins and bills, all that will be a sign of this passing.
HM King Charles III, of Canada and UK and other Realms. Wearing his Canadian Army Uniform.


HM Camilla, Queen Consort of Canada.