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Saturday 25 November 1978 

We met on this date in 1978 in Ottawa how time flies and have been together ever since (1978-2015).

I was in my last year at University, Will was with the airline. I then joined the Foreign Service and it was a mad whirlwind of 8 postings around the World. We moved around quite a bit during all those years and much of it was done in an age with no computers nor internet. We spent our Holidays and important times together. We were married in July 2007, but that November date remains our date. Despite it all we endure. Auguri!

laurent Will Ostia.jpg

The ancient Consular Road, the Via Appia, Rome


Top #5 songs in November 1978

Chic – Le Freak
Donna Summer – MacArthur Park
Barbra & Neil – You Don’t Bring Me Flowers
Anne Murray – You Needed Me
Foreigner – Double Vision

Top movie released; J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, November 25  1978, the animated version high fantasy film directed by Ralph Bakshi


The Aegean Sea and Cap Sounion in the background.


St-Petersburg in the Park of the Catherine Palace. Tsarkoe Selo


Assisi, Umbria