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We, I, have been here in PEI for the last 4 months. Will finally arrives on 1 September, what a relief. However we leave for Ireland on 6 September for our Anniversary and Birthday trip. We planned this more than one year ago. It was planned before we thought of moving to PEI. Yes we do plan ahead that includes the Holidays and menus, I don’t think the Queen is that organized.

Summer as come and now it is almost gone. The house has been set-up and I have a new routine with favourite shops etc. I have been busy with quite a few social events and trips around the Island. Will discovered that across the street from us is the Chip Shack which serves the best french fries. The owner Caron Prins is a great lady and she is so busy, wait time is usually 15 minutes. All hand cut, all fresh, made on the spot.  No I do not eat lobster everyday, I really do not care for it that much, oysters and their variety are better.


Will has visited on weekends here and there during the Summer but coming to the Island can be difficult since all the flights are booked solid, there is the train from Montreal but it is a long trip. The train also does not come to PEI, the nearest stop is in Amherst, Nova Scotia about 90 minutes away on the mainland. Anyway all this is behind us now.

Made several trips to Point Prim to the old lighthouse and the very good restaurant which is only open in the Summer months. It is just nice to sit on the rocks and look out to sea, it is such a quiet area, if there is noise it is the birds chirping. The beach also is minutes away I like Stanhope, though there are lots of beaches to go to. Then I have been busy at the Gallery and on any given day we have a lot of people, which makes it so interesting.


I am happy things turned out so well for us, in this big move.