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We had a wonderful Christmas Eve party-buffet here in our home with friends.

We had on the menu Vegetable quiche, it was quite good and rich. Tourtière, one of the best I have had in a long time, a beautiful ham and Chicken Pot pie. Will also made a wonderful salad with citrus, radicchio and glazed roasted carrots.  Will also made Mulled wine jellies served with whipped cream, he was concerned because he did not think it would work, but it did and our guests loved it and thought it a refreshing dessert after such a copious meal. Funny thing happened at the grocery store when I bought the radicchio, the cashier could not find the code item for radicchio, so she says to me, is this cabbage? No I tell her its a lettuce to make salads. She looks puzzled and still cannot find the code item for ring in the purchase. So I tell her I will go back to the shelf and get the code for her which was 37898. She rings it in and it comes out as Red Moose, now she is really confused and given that other people were waiting in line to check out, she simply gave me the radicchio FREE of charge, I got $10 dollars worth for nothing. I was happy, but I did go to the customer service desk to report it and the manager was confused, he too was sure it was cabbage. This is a big superstore of a major Canadian chain, so it’s not like they would not know what they are selling, but he too could not find it on his computer. Oh well I did give them a chance, in the end I got the item for free.


Photo of the formal drawing room at Fanningbank (Government House) Charlottetown PEI. With the portrait of Colonel, Sir Aretas William Young, Governor of PEI in 1831-1835. He was the first occupant of the Residence and died of pneumonia the next year, the new house was said to be very cold in Winter. The Christmas decoration in this 2016 picture are done by a friend of the current Lieutenant-Governor, His Honour Frank Lewis and his wife Dorothy Lewis.

So this afternoon being one of those Island blustery day with Sun and rushing clouds and a bit of snow I went walking the streets of old Charlottetown, delivering Gingerbread men made by Cristal our baker at Riverview Market to friends who live near by us.


The streets are deserted everyone is either visiting relatives in town or cooking for tonight’s Christmas dinner. I also noticed at the bottom of Queen Street on the quay where the Canadian Coast Guard usually docks the giant red number sign has been changed to 2017 in time for New Year’s Eve celebration marking the start of Canada’s 150th Birthday, there will be special Festivities this New Year’s Eve with a pirothecnic  show and then a great firework display, music etc. Not to mention special art exhibits many coming at the Art Gallery, special Canadian coins are also issued for this year.


So this being Christmas Day, we listened to the Message from the Sovereign, every year H.M. Queen Elizabeth II will have a special message. They are always well written and thoughtful, this year she is not well, suffering from a heavy cold, at 90 years of age that could be serious. She did not attend the Morning Church Service with the rest of the Royal Family.

As for Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, they with their two children Prince George and Princess Charlotte are spending the day with her family, the Middletons in Englefield, Berkshire, where her parents have their home.

So it is a quiet Christmas at home with the puppies for us. Yes Santa was by earlier and left nice gifts, including lobster dipped in chocolate. It seems that in PEI there is no end to what you can do with lobster.



From the quay looking out to Rocky Point and the entrance into the Straits of Northumberland, in the middle of the photo.