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Here we are on the Eve of a New Year, despite our fears and hopes, we really do not know what the year will bring.

For us it was quite the year, it was a new beginning, new friends and a new life chapter, I really had no idea on New Year’s Eve 2016 how any of this would turn out. In the end now I would say it was a wonderful year.

Now on the Eve of 2017, the 150th Anniversary of Confederation, the birth of modern Canada, I think of 1967 the year of the Centennial, I was 11 years old living in Montreal at the time and it was the year of the World Exhibition, “Man and his world” with all it’s wonders and 90 National pavilions to so many countries and over 5 million visitors during the Summer months. I remember all the Heads of State who came, from the Emperor of Ethiopia to the Shah of Iran. All Canadian currency that year in circulation was designed by famed Canadian Artist Alex Colville (1920-2013). We were displaying our new National Flag adopted just 2 years previously, there was a lot of optimism in the air, anything and everything was possible. Progress was good for everyone.

Now 50 years later, so many things have changed some for the better and some we need to really work on, but Canada is still a fantastic country, we have social peace, stability and the rule of Law. Considering that of the 190 countries on Earth many simply don’t have any of this, we are pretty lucky and should be thankful. I finished my education, had a great career, travelled the world, lived in many countries and saw incredible things, most never have a chance to witness. I have also been with the same person for almost 40 years.


This New Year’s Eve we will be with friends in this house pictured here in Charlottetown (it is a lovely house) celebrating, steps from Province House to see the two fireworks at 7:30pm and at Midnight. The best part is we can walk to it all it is only a few steps from our home.

To all my readers and followers, thank you for reading my blog and your comments, I really appreciate it.

The very best of good wishes to you all for a peaceful and prosperous New Year 2017.