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In 1976 I moved to Ottawa from Montreal to attend University. The building complex where I lived had an intercom system which broadcasted one local radio station, CFMO and they only played big band dance music 1930-1960. This radio station no longer exist today. The listeners were all from  the generation born between 1920 and 1930, they were now approaching that certain age. The music was of their younger days when the world was their oyster.


Marcus T. Cicero, 106 BC to Dec 43 BC

Hearing this from Guy Lombardo today reminded me that I am entering this age now when life is behind you and not in front of you. I will have to re-read Marcus Tullius Cicero’s book entitled ” How to grow old”.  Ancient wisdom for the second half of life.

A little book filled with ancient wisdom, Cicero suggest gardening and reading gives more pleasure than sex. The book addresses fears about old age, and Cicero persuasively argues they are greatly exaggerated.  Cicero was my age when he wrote that book the year before he was assassinated.