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Will and I have put a lot of effort in having a wonderful tree each year. We carefully collected ornaments from all the place we lived around the World, it is all very personal and full of memories. As we decorate we think of friends gone long ago and those still with us to this day.

Will has always like doing something special at Christmas and he puts an awful lot of effort in preparation and our yearly traditions. This year it is all the baking from Christmas pudding to the many little special treats prepared with care. Then the table for Christmas day with our Christmas good quality crackers, special little bags for each luncheon guest full of imported chocolates and sweets. We have our formula and we follow it all those many years. And one special tradition is to invite people who are on their own on that day for lunch at home with us.

Will we have a White Christmas, that is anyones guess, today 14 December it is pouring rain with high winds and tomorrow it will be 12 C. The Winters on the Atlantic are very different from central Canada, Ontario and Quebec. I do prefer a mild Winter more in keeping with Northern European climes.

So here are some pictures of our tree and goings on at our house in preparation for the Holiday Season.


Our little Nora, who is back from the groomers and is ready for the Holidays. She is now 11 yrs old but still feisty.  Typical wire hair Dachshund.


This is a neighbours house, it is quite large and occupies a large lot, C. 1830. Typical Island style, Prussian blue in colour, candles in the windows for Christmas.


Our 2019, Xmas tree, all decorated with its 42 year old Star on top. Who knew that a gold aluminium star would last so long.


This year I did the honours of shining the silver balls for the tree.



I also cleaned those Silver Floral Ornaments made by Towle.

IMG_5341 2.jpg

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!