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I was listening to Renata Scotto sing Ch’il bel sogno di Doretta from La Rondine by Puccini. It reminded me of the many times we went to the Teatro del Opera in Rome where we had Season tickets.

Listening to the music and looking at the pictures posted here reminds me of our life in Rome. The memory of which is as strong today as it was then.


2010 opera Rome.jpg

Opening night at the Teatro del’Opera in Rome waiting for the arrival of the President of the Italian Republic. The night Will had a funny conversation with an Italian Princess on too much botox.

towards the foro.jpg

On the Belvedere looking towards the Roman Forum

the view .jpg

from our terrace, the view at sunset on Via dei Villini

Rome balcony .jpg

Our terrace with all the plants Will and I planted, I loved those tiles with a greenish blue colour.

San Lorenzo Cemetery Rome.jpg

One of the more famous cemetery of Rome, it is a city in itself given the thousands of tombs and mausoleums. Many famous Italians are buried here and so are noble families. The Campo Verano is the one cemetery I know where even in death the dead compete with each other for social standing by the monumental graves built to proclaim who they were. A peaceful and beautiful garden cemetery.

colosseum Rome.jpg

Rome in Winter during a rare snowstorm

circus aximus.jpg

constantine arch.jpg


The Barberini Palace once the family home of Pope Urban VIII now a beautiful museum to classical painting. Setting for the movie Roman Holiday.

casina pius .jpg

The Pontifical Academy of Science in the Vatican gardens, copied from Emperor Nero’s Palace built by the nephew of the Pope Pius IV, Cardinal Charles Borromeo later Saint Charles Borromeo. We were told by the Cardinal guiding us that originally this building was used by Cardinal Borromeo to receive his male friends and to party. It caused a scandal and he was sent to Northern Italy for a period. This area of the Vatican gardens is not open to the public.


Italian cooking classes where I discovered that the Anchovy is a delicate white fish and fresh is simply grilled and served with lemon juice or eaten raw marinated in lemon juice, it is quite good and more a shame we do not have it here in North America.

dining room xmas 09.jpg

Our dining room at home set for a Christmas dinner party.

gallery borghese 2.jpg

The Borghese Gallery built in 1605 by Cardinal Scipione Borghese, nephew of Pope Paul V and patron of Bernini. He built this gallery to house his art collection. The settings of the immense gardens all around makes for a nice park to walk and relax in the centre of the City.

garden will.jpg

Gardens of the Residence of the Canadian Ambassador at Villa Grandi in Rome set up for a staff picnique. This is also the site of the Villa of Scipio Africanus which is under the garden. This villa was given to Canada by the Italian Government in 1950 as War reparation, it formerly belonged to Dino Grandi the #2 of the Fascist Government who fled in 1944 to South America.


General view of Rome from the Gianicolo Hill in the background the Alban hills South East of the City.  St-Peter’S dome is just out of sight to the left of this photo.


Will making ravioli by hand, he made the dough and then put it through the machine, next he prepared the stuffing which was pumpkin. Cooking the ravioli takes only minutes. I remember they were quite good.

forum gate of hell.jpg

The entrance to Hell or the Underworld according to ancient Romans beliefs situated between the Arch of Septimus Severus and the Temple of Saturn.

forum titus.jpg

The Arch of Titus commemorating his destruction of Jerusalem and the Second Temple. Part of this arch in the Roman Forum was damaged during the middle-ages and it was Rachele Guidi, second wife of Mussolini who had it restored around 1930. Walking in the Forum in all Seasons was always pleasant, so much to see and study.


Near Piazza Venezia

Driveway via dei villini.jpg

Entrance to our home in Rome on Via dei Villini


Italian cheeses, meats and wine shop, a real pleasure to discover the incredible variety of cheeses made all over Italy.

fruit stand.jpglaurent and Diana.jpg

At dinner with our friend Diana in Rome.


The ancient Via Appia in Rome.