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Well today is a sunny day, 5C or 42F no wind and a pleasant day. Same tomorrow and we took a walk from our home along the riverside in the Confederation Landing Park to the Coast Guard Dock. The walk on the river is quite nice, the ice is gone and looking at the opening of the Strait of Northumberland, no ice is visible. Lots of birds everywhere singing, it’s Spring.


As of today PEI only has 11 cases, all at home. Everyone we encounter on our walk keeps the 6 feet distance or more, which is a huge relief seeing how serious people are.  Earlier we went to Murphy’s Pharmacy to pick up a regular prescription and some other supplies. On the way in at the door was Ray Murphy, the owner of the drugstore chain. He is well known and his drugstores have wonderful staff and good service. He said to me, I have to stay away from you 6 feet you know. Usually he would chit chat, he is quite affable.

I really do not want to go to the grocery store, this being Saturday. A friend went yesterday and they only allow 4 people in at a time and so you line up outside 6 feet apart. Best to go to a store you are familiar with and go in grab what you need and get out quick. Also only one person per family allowed, no family groupings or taking the kids in to run around the store as some parents like to do.

Today  at Murphy’s Drugstore I was looking for surgical gloves, many people are buying them and wearing them when shopping. I never bought them before, no need to, but given that it seems to be the height of Pandemic Fashion, I wonder if Louis Vuitton will come out with a brand. The funny thing is that one Health recommendation about going to the grocery store is to wear gloves and this reminded me of what we were told when I was working abroad. We were told to clean, wipe and wash fruits and vegetables and not buy some type of vegetable or fruits to avoid parasites and contamination. Per example; Strawberries and any type of berries, leafy salads was off limits absolutely, because they were probably watered with night soil (aka human excrements). Other fruits & vegetables you peeled still had to be washed or scrubbed, washing hands afterwards or wearing gloves was best practice. I always had DETTOL at home and large bottled water jugs of 40 litres, never use tap water for that job. It was a job and it took 2 hours to clean everything, but that was the price to stay healthy.


I also believe in the wisdom of dogs or in the philosophy of life they follow.  Our Nicky is always looking for sunshine and then he will lie down and snooze. Why worry, enjoy the moment, the Sun is good for you. Nicky has been practicing this all his life and he is happy, happy.


Oh!!! did I show you what I bought myself for my Birthday? I looked at Land’s End Catalogue and bought myself a new Squall Jacket, the old one was 25 years old. The colour is US Air Force blue, in Canada the RCAF has a more Prussian blue to its uniform.


So I accessorize with a cap that matches the new jacket. I got this cap from a friend of mine in Italy who was an Officer in the Carabinieri, which sports the Golden insignia of a grenade.