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Old Home Week is a tradition here in PEI, it is in support of the race horse industry. Charlottetown has a race track that goes back to the 1880’s and many fine horse are bred on the Island. Some will tell you that Charlottetown is like Kentucky when it comes to racing horses in terms of traditions. Red Shores also has a casino and a very good restaurant.

This year again the race takes place and people make bets on who will win the race held on Saturday 22 August. Yesterday Friday we went across the yard to our neighbour for a drink in the garden and some food. It is our fifth year to do this.


Friday was a funny day, the weather was grey and cool at 20C with some kind of humidity that gave everything a September look. Next week school starts and there is a lot of trepidation in the air. Parents, teachers and students are a bit on edge and plans are still being worked out by the Provincial Dept of Education on what to do. Interestingly on this topic the Chief Medical Officer gave her advice but is leaving final decisions to the Premier and the Minister of Education. Everyone is keeping fingers crossed and hoping for the best. Also today I was at the grocery store and again observed that most people do wear masks and only a few don’t. Lots of people also use hand sanitizers in the store or in the parking lot, many carry it in their cars and you see people sanitize before driving off.

I think we have a couple of Covid cases left on the Island, overall for several months now Covid has disappeared from the Island, the only new cases came from people who arrived from abroad. Since March we have had no deaths and no hospitalization. But this pandemic is still weighing in on us, you cannot forget about it.

I was at the new Japanese grocery store SUMMIKO MART this week and I was looking for Japanese mayonnaise called KEWPIE. The recipe is different from North American mayo. It only uses Egg Yokes not the whole egg.  I remember when I visited Japan, I had a egg salad sandwich made with Kewpie Mayo and it was so good, the taste was rich. I found some and will try it next time I made egg salad sandwich.


They also make fresh Japanese food all ingredients imported direct from Japan and made in front of you. This is truly a first in Charlottetown.

We also have a new Vietnamese Coffee House called Madame Vuong preparing coffee the Vietnamese way which is very different from North American Coffee, the roasting process and choice of beans is a new experience. They also have Vietnamese style sandwiches, etc. It would appear that the Vietnamese are replacing the Chinese who, many, have left for Toronto. Alambé is another Vietnamese Coffee shop on Kent Street, it is very nice to see such new additions to our local scene.

Gert Van Hoef is a young Dutch concert Organist, he started learning to play the organ at 13 from his grandfather and as he says, he became obsessed with the instrument and decided to make his career of it. He has been successful and gives numerous concerts in Europe.

Here he plays as you will recognize the tune played by Big Ben in the Elizabeth  clock tower of the Parliament in London, the Carillon de Westminster, Opus 54 deel 6 van Louis Viërne (1870-1937).