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This past week was busy with all manner of things. Friday night was great fun, we went to the Club to a Scotch tasting evening, had 3 Irish whiskeys and 3 single malts scotch, haggis of course, I love the stuff and some smoke salmon bagel and cream cheese ( lox, bagels with schmear as my father use to say). In the bar across the corridor they were serving pulled pork sandwiches with drinks. After the scotch tasting I had 2 flutes of prosecco to end the evening. For the Scotch tasting Will made a special dessert, it was a very big hit, a recipe he found on Glen and Friends on YouTube, Roast Bread Irish Whiskey Ice Cream, he used 12 year old Yellow Spot Irish Whiskey and it made an impression with the group.

The weather is still strange but apparently we are suppose to get a big storm on Tuesday, looks like snow and rain and winds of 68km per hour. In the five years we have been here, Winters are a mix of snow and rain and lots of wind. I will be sure to do the Island thing and get my Storm Chips, we like Miss Vickie’s chips. Some neighbours also like to get a roast chicken just in case of power outage, though that is not likely for us since we live in the centre of the Capital near government buildings. This will be our first snow storm on 2 February, late really in the Season.

Well the Prime Minister announced on Friday that Canadians cannot leave Canada, many had failed to listen to the advice not to travel outside Canada since 1 January and the rates of infections is still high in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta and the health system in those 3 provinces is collapsing with difficult decisions to be made on who will live and who will die. The Premiers of Ontario, the most incompetent Doug Ford and Francois Legault of Quebec demanded that the Prime Minister close the border. So as of Friday night all flights out of Canada especially those going South to Florida, Carribean and Mexico are stopped. People can come home but upon arrival will be tested for Covid 19 and immediately isolated in an hotel for 3 days at their own expense. Then if they are negative will be sent home and will face strict police surveillance to ensure they are respecting the 14 day quarantine. Those who test positive will be sent to a Federal facility, most probably an army base where they will stay until all clear. Draconian measures for sure but given the attitude of many who refuse to obey this has become necessary. Unfortunately in Alberta, Premier Jason Kenney who is a Trump wannabe, decided to re-open bars and restaurants because the economy. His province has the highest rate of infection in Canada per capita, total lunacy.

It is clear to me that we are going to be stuck in this pandemic for another year at least or even two, it may continue for years with variants appearing as they already have. So we will have to learn to live differently, it has been a year and life goes on.

On the funny side of life I learned at the Scotch tasting Friday that the Cookie Monster on Sesame Street has a first name. I watched Sesame street for years and I did not know that. His name is Sid. The things you learn when you drink scotch single malt.