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First this photo of our Nicholas or Nicky for his friends. Every morning same routine, Nick loves to get up at 7:30am to go out for a short walk and then quickly in for his breakfast. Then he looks for a spot of sunshine and will lie in the sun like any hound loves to do. If there is no Sun well then he will point me to my chair in the living room by making funny little nasal growls, softly, plaintively and moving or jerking his head to indicate over there. I go sit down with my morning Espresso and he comes to sleep by me. Nothing complicated and it makes him happy, just snoozing away, such a good boy.


As we come to the end of the Year 2019 and Christmas is just around the corner, I looked at my calendar for the past year, counted 85 events attended during the year. I also did at least 60 coffee mornings with various people, many with local politicians one on one to talk about issues. I am not counting all the other general activities on any given day like looking after Mr Nicky and Ms Nora.

Today is Black Friday, essentially an American tradition which jumped over into Canada. We bought a new Dutch oven from Paderno a well known maker of Canadian pots and pans and a local company, huge discount of 75% on the price. This is quality stuff and is usually not cheap. Could not resist and went to Canadian Tire to get a 6 Litre Dutch oven.

I also went to buy our Xmas Crackers for the table, they are all made in England, I also got fancy little bags to given to each one of our guests on Christmas Day Lunch. We will stuff the bags with nice small gifts and things. Our guests love those and the surprise is different for all, no one gets the same thing, there will be a candy cane, some chocolates usually filled with liquor from Anthon Berg of Denmark, a small candle, a fragrant fancy soap, some nuts in their shell and I don’t know what else.


Our crackers will be colourful, I really like those ones and their contents. I don’t know if a lot of people do crackers. Do You ?

Today the weather is quite bad, high winds around 70Km, rain changing into snow squalls tonight. The Santa Parade has been moved to Sunday which is suppose to be sunny.  Horrors of horrors, I saw my first snow plow today, spreading salt on the road.

Oh well, it’s Winter or late Fall …..