Let me start with this bit of concerns I have about our situation on PEI. So Monday 1 June 2020, the day the Government of PEI has decided will be re-opening day for all , while we still have to keep social distancing and wash hands. Wear a face mask, though the majority will not. Looking at people, I know that Covid19 will be forgotten in a flash and this despite the fact that our Neighbour the Province of New Brunswick appears to have entered into a second wave in the last few days after ONE PERSON, a medical doctor came back from a visit to his mistress in Montreal and did not respect any of the prevention codes around the virus. He infected his child and a 90 year old relative both now in intensive care and another 150 people he came in contact with. He lost his job at the hospital. This drives home the point that you cannot be too careful and if PEI is in a privilege situation of having no cases at the moment, this does not mean it is going to continue.

Our border ( 12 Km sea bridge) to the Island is still closed to all except essential services. However our Premier Dennis King and his business friends have made the economy a priority to try to salvage the tourism sector and is re-opening hotels and restaurants (not bars) parks and other attractions all the while pushing aside quietly our Chief Medical Officer.

The big blow came last Friday when the Canadian Federal Government announced that all cruise ships were banned from Canadian Ports until 31 October thus killing part of the tourist season and crippling the Charlottetown Port Authority who depends heavily on the cruise ship traffic for profits. To compensate, the Premier of PEI announced that Seasonal visitors who own cottages on PEI could apply to come to their cottages. This means people from other Provinces like Ontario and Quebec where the death rate is still climbing and nothing is under control, could start arriving around 15 June. Business groups who fund our politicians are happy with this relaxation of the rules but the population is angry at the risk this represents. Paradoxically, you cannot visit your elderly relative in a Seniors home but tourists can come for a vacation.


Some months ago I discovered Instagram, to me its a better version of Facebook which I can’t be bothered with anymore, too much hate and ignorance and nonsense.

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and launched in October 2010 on iOS.

In comparison FB looks very old fashion. Instagram it seems to offer a better experience on social media, if you choose wisely which site to follow. Instagram has a  number of people who are pushing a business line or advertising services or products, however if you do not want to see this specific content you can simply delete it.

I found many Interior Decorators who claim to be big names. One lives in London in what appears to be Regent Park area, you only ever see one handsome room of his home, the front room done with chintz and bibelots. There are two doors to his room, one is a door to a china cabinet and the other to a corridor with a beautiful marble floor but you do not see beyond the front room.

Another decorator lives in L.A. , don’t we all?  His name is Gray but confessed in one episode that his real name is Peter but Gray is so much more dramatic of a name. He lives in a large home with his husband and twins. The house is over the top and looks like a showroom, I find it difficult to believe anyone lives there. The kitchen central island is white marble and on it sits 6 large faux Ming Vases, beautiful but a tad impractical is you actually want to prepare food.

Then Instagram appears to have an army of young men, with perfect teeth, skin tone, muscle bodies, clothing much of it would be what is called Street Fashion, who are all, trainors, digital creators, models, gym bunnies, Business consultants, medical doctors, University students, etc.. all under 35, however most have #Only Fans pay sites and all live in L.A. or there about.  They also dispense a lot of ”new age good thoughts” advice you can use in everyday life to improve yourself. Meditation/yoga is a big thing, its all about ME approach to life.

There is also a group of Lufthansa Pilots flying the big Airbus planes, its all in German with english translations, lots about the planes, airports and flying. One pilot put up a short film of landing in a snowstorm in the final approach about one minute in length, dramatic footage and fun to look as the runway comes into view in the final approach the last 600 meters, flashing lights etc. The idea is Pilots = glamour,  nice athletic bodies, great smiles and money. Luxury cars, Porsche and Breitling watches like the Navitimer B01 chronograhph 46, are common accessoires. In all those personal videos, friends and family are background extras only appearing briefly, the camera in on the principal subject doing all the talking. Somewhat narcissistic but that is in fashion now apparently.

Then you have a lot of people who travel only First class on very long distance flights, Germany to Brazil, Singapore to New York. They travel two or three times a month from one continent to the other, stay a few days is luxury hotels/resorts and then do it again. Pampered to death in other words, but I wonder if they are doing somekind of promotional work and getting free travel and lodging. Just this morning one called Paulo was in Zurich airport, waiting for a flight and the very few people in the airport all wore face masks, shops all closed and every second seat in the lounges removed. It was strange to see this video and I thought where is he travelling to?

There are special sites on Instagram, devoted to Royalty, mostly former reigning dynasty. The Imperial Ottoman Dynasty who were exiled from Turkey 100 years ago now live in London mostly and they all appear to be investment bankers with illustrious titles. Bulgaria, Serbia and Albanian Royals have been allowed to return home by the Republican Governments in their former land, they have been re-installed in their former Palaces and their role is to appear in public, a bit like the good silverware, when important guests are in town or when a charity event takes place, it adds cachet to have a former King or Prince present. Russia under Putin and more so under his predecessor Boris Yeltsin, have allowed the Romanovs to come home and be at public functions connected with Tsarists past. They all use Instagram to promote themselves and their agenda.

Then lots of sites on Luxury cars in the half million to million dollar range, truly spectacular unique cars, yachts or homes, jewellery, fashion, exclusive hotels and many other products. A bit like Neiman Marcus use to be in their Christmas Catalogue.

Instagram offers a lot and it’s more entertaining than other websites with lots of great pictures and videos. Something for everyone.