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Well the question here is are we still in Summer with 22C and sunny it’s nice beach weather but wait we are in late September when it should be much cooler like 16C. The weather guy is now talking openly of Climate change and the number of hurricanes that are coming our way in the form usually of tropical storms with very high damaging winds. It has still not sunk in for a lot of people until it falls on their heads.

We also have a lot of hot humid days which is not normal for an island like ours.

So today we have new owners to our building and our old landlord came to say goodbye, they were good people and attentive. We will no doubt see them again for sure.

Today I also bought a new computer to replace my 11 yr old one, which was starting to have problems and a line in the middle of the screen. I bought online from Apple and it will be delivered in a week. I am looking forward to this new computer. It would appear that it is easier to order online than buy in store, both Best Buy and Staples were out of stock and did not know when they would have any in store.

We spoke with the Bank and got pre-approve for a mortgage. I had no idea we were that rich. There is a lot for sale right now, but the prices do not match the quality. Many properties appear over valued and this is the same all over Canada. Is a correction coming to the real estate market, possibly. How can a house appreciate by 80% in 6 months without doing anything to it. There are also a lot of listings where home original price has been dropped by 25%, it says they were overvalued to start with, I think that in some cases they could drop another 15% percent. The pandemic created a rush on Summer Cottages and the prices went up accordingly. The CMHC is the body that governs the market in Canada sounded the alarm for the second time this year, saying that the housing market is overheating and overpriced and a very sharp correction is going to happen, this would leave a lot of people who paid too much out in the cold. We are in no rush at all.

Thursday all will be closed in PEI and in some other provinces but not all, a new Federal Statutory Holiday for natives called the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is being celebrated for the first time. Many private businesses are closing not because they want to but because out of fear of bad publicity if they don’t. Ontario the most populous province in Canada is not observing this holiday. Provinces and territories observing the Holiday are the Yukon, North West Territories, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and PEI.

Upcoming Holiday will be Thanksgiving on Monday 11 October, so far we have no plans to do anything. Maybe we will just keep it quiet this year. Stay tuned as they say.