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Well we went from a nice 22C to 10C in just 12 hours, this is how Seasons change in Canada. It is still sunny but breezy and the wind at sea is strong enough to stop ferry crossings and close the bridge to all trucks. We are still in September and already the high winds are closing the bridge. We also have this year 2022 the longest period of warmer than usual days in one year. This beats all previous records, so though it is nice to have warmer weather, it brings a host of other problems.

The corn is in and this year it is very good, sweet and not starchy, I think this is because I bought it within a few hours of being harvested on a farm near by, I never buy corn at a grocery store, it is too starchy and it is more expensive also, usually about 50 Cents more. This year a ear of corn sells for about .50 to .69 cents each at the farmers market, in the grocery it’s more like .69 to .99 cents and not very fresh.

The international shellfish Festival is on and Martha Stewart is in town doing something with seafood. One of my favourite floating restaurant in town the Cork & Cast won the prize for the best potato seafood chowder, happy for them they are such nice people. They also have the best funky cocktails.

Today I saw this picture of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in his first audience with the King at Buckingham Palace. Charles III being the King of Canada, such meetings happen regularly and does consultations on various topics.

This picture of Her Late Majesty was taken a few months ago to mark Her Platinum (70) Jubilee. I really like it, it is one of the best I have ever seen.

I also saw on YouTube a post on the Crowns at the Tower of London where all the Regalia is kept. It turns out that there are more Crowns than I imagined. The only one seen very regularly is the Imperial State Crown and on Coronation day St-Edward’s Crown for a few minutes at the moment of the crowning of the Sovereign. But now we have a Queen Consort and she gets to wear a Crown also and it turns out that Queen Camilla will have a selection of Crowns she can choose from or she may just decide to have a new one made to her liking. Then the new Prince of Wales HRH Prince William and HRH Princess Catherine also have Crowns to wear when they will be invested in their new role. Again they have a choice of previous Crowns or they can have new ones made. The thing is that Crowns are usually made of precious metal and incrusted with precious gems, so they are really costly. Some are the private property of the Sovereign and all others belong to the British Government.

A lot of information is circulating on the upcoming Coronation of King Charles III and His Queen Consort Camilla probably next Spring of 2023. In Westminster Abbey, you have the Coronation Chair of St-Edward which is very ancient and used for the service itself.

If you take a very close look, you will see that some school boys many decades ago carved into this relic their initials. The Coronation Throne is 722 years old, the Queen Consort also has a Throne though it is only 122 years old.

During the Coronation Service it will be placed on this very old mosaic floor in front of the High Altar in the Abbey. The floor was created at the time of the reconstruction of the Abbey by Muslim Arabs who lived in Rome, all tradesmen who created this floor in 1268 on the order of King Henri III. The pattern is called Cosmati and can be found in Rome in many early Christian Churches.

On Monday the public service of the Funeral will take place in the Abbey, then the coffin of the late Queen will be taken to St-George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle and in a private ceremony for the Members of the Royal Family it will be placed in the King George side Chapel built in the 1950’s to serve as a final resting place for King George VI, the Queen Mother is also buried there and Princess Margaret ashes are also in that side chapel. Now HRH Prince Philip and Her Late Majesty’s coffins will also be committed in the side Chapel. This way the family of King George VI will all rest together. I remember visiting it some 50 years ago and was surprised at how small the space was and how plain or modern it is.