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Lately I have had my picture taken quite a bit at varied locations, some I am using in my municipal campaign and others I am keeping as a memory of this year 2018 and life in PEI.


Speaking with a group of young people, students who I learned today are part of Generation Z born before 1997. They replace the Millennials who are now over 30 or over the hill so to speak. Pollsters and social scientists say that GenZ is very different from the millennials in their outlook on life, they are the first generation who do not know a time before electronics or dial up internet.

Laurent campaign.jpg

At a public meeting recently speaking with a participant about a big infrastructure project in our town.

laurent 3 campaign.jpg

At another public meeting, I seem to be doing this a lot in the last 5 months.

IMG_9272 2.jpg

Very happy with this picture, here with Her Honour the Lieutenant Governor of PEI, Antoinette Perry in the great hall of Fanningbank, her Official Residence.


A group of friends on Rochford Street this past weekend. Will is looking very good in this photo.