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Setting day in PEI is the day the lobster traps are set in the water for the opening of the Lobster season. Unfortunately due to poor weather and high winds, the opening day was set back from last Thursday to this coming Monday 3 May. This means that restaurants cannot offer Lobster until Monday night. It is a point of honour that though you could import lobsters from Nova Scotia which is just one hour away from us on the mainland, no self-respecting Islander would do that. Clients will automatically ask where did you get that lobster? For one, the taste is different, PEI lobsters come from the Gulf of St-Lawrence on our North Coast, whereas Nova Scotia lobsters come from either the Strait of Northumberland or the Atlantic ocean. Nova Scotia being a peninsula.

Last night Saturday, we did go to the opening night at the Water Prince restaurant, I had their seafood chowder and a pound of mussels, the mussels are fat at this time of the year and very good.

Later end of June we will have Strawberry Season, same story, people wait for PEI strawberries, though we get strawberries from the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia about 3 weeks before PEI strawberries are on the market, people prefer to wait.

Strawberries in PEI are very fragrant and have that beautiful perfume.

Well last week got my shot and never felt nor had any after effect to the Pfizer shot. In a month I should get my next shot, the Health Dept will call to schedule my appointment.

Can’t believe we are already in May, how time flies. However I also know that we have another 6 Months of Pandemic to go, given the set backs in other Canadian Provinces. Our Neighbour Nova Scotia is in a desperate situation with a small population and limited hospital care. The Police is still fining people who have big house parties, how can people be this selfish? Here in PEI we remain quiet and almost normal situation.

Our cleaning lady this week came to help with Spring Cleaning of the house, she told me that as a little girl, she lived on a farm on PEI. She only left the island for the first time when she was 21. Growing up she had no idea that beyond the water there was another world. Her known world was the Island. She is not alone with that experience, many Islanders had a very similar experience and even today despite the fact that travel is much more easy, people tend to cling to the Island and find leaving a daunting proposal.