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Well on this long weekend of the Official Birthday of the Queen, the weather has taken a turn for the warm to really warm. Which is very nice because it gives nature a chance to push out the leaves on trees and flowers everywhere.

I was shopping for spices and herbs at the grocery store and noticed how the package stuff is very expensive now. Per example 100 gr of black pepper is $10. any other spices start at $9.99 for 80 gr which is nothing, and goes up from there some of it as much as $17. this makes no sense at all. So I got an idea, there are certain herbs we use all the time so why not buy them in little pots and plant them in planters on our terrace. This is what I did, I got 4 different herbs for $10, Italian parsley, thyme, mint, chives. They will grow all Summer long and no need to buy them again and it smells very nice. I will look at flowers later but will buy something simple.

This past week we had a visit to Canada of the Heir to the Throne HRH Prince Charles and his wife HRH the Duchess of Cornwall.

There was a lot of news articles in the papers like the New York Times and the Washington Post who got the visit all wrong, which showed that their reporters are not well informed or prefer the same of platitudes instead of facts. It is also tiresome to hear about the dead Diana, she is dead and she is not coming back, that was 25 years ago and frankly who cares. The constant harping on how nice she was etc is nonsense. She was no saint so let’s not get all teary eyed about it. Prince Charles is now married happily with Camilla and that is it, she is also very much appreciated for all the good work she does and is a sensible person, which is a hell of a lot more than can be said about the late Diana.

The other line used by the media and the media in Canada is also guilty of that, is the line that Charles in not popular and will not be king. Really? how do you arrive at that conclusion. The line of succession and the British Constitution does not care what the popular press may think or what Mrs Boopsy in Buttfuck Kansas may like or not like. The reality is that popularity has nothing to do with it. This was the fatal and silly mistake Meghan M. made, thinking that her popularity at the beginning would make her Queen one day. The fact that some people in Canada may not like Charles because of Diana, does not change a thing. When HM Queen Elizabeth dies, he automatically becomes King on that very moment, Camilla will be Queen Consort and that is all there is to it. The new Heir presumptive will be HRH Prince William and then his son HRH Prince George. Harry Meghan who?

In this photo taken in Newfoundland, we see HRH Prince Charles receiving the Royal Salute, behind him is his ADC an Royal Canadian Air Force Officer, and the fellow in Red is a Ranger. The Flag is Prince Charles Royal Standard while he is in Canada.

Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy and this is enshrined in our Constitution, it is impossible to change our Canadian Constitution, because in 1982, the father of our current Prime Minister, Pierre E. Trudeau and the Premiers agreed to an article on amendments and then the Supreme Court made a ruling on the amending formula. So if Canadians wanted to become a Republic with an elected President, we would need unanimous consent from the House of Commons and from the Senate and the consent of 10 Provinces. So as you can see, it ain’t going to happen. Some Provinces who would oppose such changes, Quebec, PEI, Ontario, the Native people of Canada, all have a stake in keeping things the way they are. Since 1982 some Prime Ministers tried to amend the Constitution on various points, they were unable to get unanimous consent and in the end their own government fell. So no an intelligent Prime Minister stays away from such talk.

Yes, Prince Charles one day will be King of Canada. The only way this would not happen would be for him to die or decide like his Uncle to Abdicate, we all know what happen to Edward VIII and Miss Simpson. Why the press continues to weave this silly story, I do not know, I put it on their lack of intelligence, education, knowledge about our Constitution or care in general. It’s cheap and it’s easy to write drivel when the public knows little.

YELLOWKNIFE, Northwest Territories, CANADA – MAY 19: Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales waves goodbye from the Canadian Government Plane before departing for the UK at the end of their Platinum Jubilee Royal Tour of Canada on May 19, 2022.